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*****Official IOWA at the B1G Tournament Games Thread*****

I don’t think 2-2 cuts it with what is going on in the other tournaments. Some teams which were in the wrong side of the bubble have had a good run of games.

Even if Iowa:
Beats Purdue
Beats Rutgers (if PSU pulls off upset)
Loses to Maryland

I don’t think it gets them in.

In that scenario I’m going to be grumbling if Rutgers gets a bid over Iowa after Iowa beat them 3 out of 4 games. I think Iowa has a better resume than Rutgers. So I think there’s still a chance.

But I doubt PSU can pull off another miracle today, they don’t have the pitching depth and burned their top 2 pitchers yesterday. So that mean Iowa faces PSU again and then I’d agree they need to win Saturday night to get in. Beating PSU does nothing for the resume.

Delta to cut 100 flights per day.

Other carriers are also reducing flights. Staffing issues. Weather. Equipment shortages. Lots of reasons. I also think they probably were overly optimistic in their ability to fill the seats they were selling. This also makes me think they know they will need to cut more, later on.
At least they are doing it now versus waiting for angry passengers to start going all Karen Cruz at a ticket counter.
This is why we aren’t flying for vacation this Summer. I had no confidence air travel wouldn’t be a hassle.
Thank the jo show....he did that!