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OK, I know I'm opening myself up to a ton of ridicule, but ...

...I saw a what I can only describe as a drawf deer yesterday up in Benton County near Garrison. And before you all jump in with the "You musta saw a fawn" no, it was an adult Buck. At first I thought that it must be a dog wandering with them, but when they cleared I could clearly tell it was a adult male deer. It stood only about 2 feet or so tall. It was with a group of five that I watched graze for about 2 minutes. He acted normal. When they ran off, he could run as fast as the rest could. I did not see them jump anything, but this animal appeared to be able to do what the others could. Anyone ever seen or heard of such a thing?

Iowa is Making a Heavy Push for Fardaws Aimaq, a 6'11", 245 lb Center in the Transfer Portal

He played this past season at Utah Valley (20-12; 10-8; finished 7th in the WAC; New Mexico State was conf champ).

He was a junior this past season so has at least 1 year remaining.

This year's stats:
18.9 points/game
13.6 reb/game
1.7 assists/game
1.3 blocks/game
0.7 steals/game

49% Overall FG%
44% from 3
72% FTs

34 min/game
2.7 fouls/game

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