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    To make it easy for B10 schedulers, go ahead and pick two East games from the following: Rutgers, Maryland, and Michigan State. Provide benefits to the original three yes vote schools.
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    Uh oh......Trump had a meeting with Warren?

    Rachel, there is not a ventilator shortage and it was Cuomo and de Blasio that was originally claiming that the virus was a non-issue not Trump. I agree that there are numerous issues to criticize President Trump with real data but don't spread falsehoods which do not help the cause. Now back...
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    Wisky says No Tix fo You

    Dear Badgers, Today I write to you with mixed emotions. Earlier today, the Big Ten announced the revised, conference-only schedule for the 2020 football season. If we are able to proceed with it, our season will start in about one month, on Sept. 4 at Camp Randall Stadium against Indiana...
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    Big Ten Schedule release on BTN this morning

    Disappointed that Iowa will have to play back to back games against Ohio State. Much better schedule for Iowa than previous. No longer have the killer road stretch with the other teams having bye weeks before Iowa. Iowa added Maryland Lil Debby added Mich State Wisky added Rutgers ;( Row U...
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    Iowa announces changes for football season tickets

    And remember no sharing.
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    KF in person press conference Friday 6-12 at 2pm
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    Tailgating 2020?

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    OT: Iowa Club Hockey

    It is a shame that players like the following are not able to play college in their home state:
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    2020 Position and Season Predictions

    Lee had some injury issues during the year and was red shirted. My guess would be playing time on passing downs from the DT position.
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    Iowa Football Over/Unders - Your picks?

    And the answers are...
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    Duke Slater Selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020 One of the greatest Hawkeyes
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    Bowl poster - with all of Hayden Fry's Bowl games featured.

    And for the fan that has it all but is now out of time... Thanks and GO HAWKS!
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    Would Iowa accept a transfer DT at this point?

    With the success two years ago with the pass rush, my guess is Iowa will be looking for a 6'5" or more DT for passing downs. It is one of the reasons Lee was moved to DT from DE from TE. With the trend to shorter RPO QBs, it is very successful to add that height to the middle. If healthy, he...
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    Eno Benjamin

    Who is Eno?
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    Ogundele a Hawk!!

    Another Lefty...
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    Tailgate Food For Penn State?

    Chili, collection of Octoberfest beers, Macallan scotch, Templeton Rye, and steak and chicken sliders. Tailgate at Olive CT house across from Kinnick.
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    Gameday features

    One reported Gameday feature will focus on noted Iowa state alumnus Carrie Chapman Catt who was an American women's suffrage leader from early 20th century. Here is a preview:
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    **** Official Iowa State SAB Thread ****

    2020 Former Coach Matt Campbell And Gary
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    Game day sign ideas

    Watch ABC's To Tell The Truth and Will the Real Coach Campbell Stand Up?
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    Game day sign ideas

    Welcome to Lames...Enjoy Our Water