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  1. gojojo

    Six Chicago pizzerias make list of the 101 best pizzas in America

    Where was Wig ranked ¿
  2. gojojo

    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    The only reason to shop at hy-vee is for the take out, bakery or freshest seafood around. Other than that I much prefer Fareway. The store setup is awful and I find most everything is over priced.
  3. gojojo

    No fans

    I am thankful they are playing and I won't miss a game on TV but it's insane that they don't allow 15k or so in a 70k stadium. No reason whatsoever you can't socially distance in that circumstance. Mask up, wash your hands and live your life.
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    With Barry on the scheduling committee I'm sure Bucky will face Rutgers and Indiana.
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    Woodward on "60 Minutes"...

    Of course any rational thinking person would know this was a serious health threat but we are talking about Trump supporters here. You need to explain it in crayon. Trumpets blindly follow anything he and Faux news spit out, thus their initial mishandling of this virus publicly has put our...
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    I don’t normally listen to NFL pre-game shows for political advice....

    Fans booed when players locked arms after the anthem; this just shows the anger was never about the perceived disrespect to the flag, anthem, soldiers or veterans.
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    B1G Football is BACK! 9 (8+1) Games in 9 Week Window w/ Oct 23/24 Start Date, which is Crucial w/ Dec 19 B1G Title Game & CFP Teams Revealed Dec 20

    I agree. Not sure how the NCAA could keep the Big10 out over one week, but then again they rarely make sensible decisions.
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    Look at the bright side Hawkeye fans

    Yup. Florida State's offense would struggle to score with no defense on the field. Yuck.
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    Has there been any crazier year in your life than 2020?

    I can't complain too loudly; looking like I'll make a little over 2X my average year and next year will be the same with a lot of comp yet to be paid. Personal life isn't much to brag about but after all the Covid divorces go through things will pick back up. 😉 It can't ever get much worse than...
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    I like fried chicken as much as the next person

    Hmmmm....Fresno. That chick is higher than 5 Phish concert goers.
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    Poll: How Are You Voting?

    Probably mail. Just sent in my request to Johnson County. It'll be easier than waiting in line at the rec center. In 2016 it was about a 30 minute process that I wouldn't mind avoiding.
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    Public Favorability Towards Sports Collapsing

    If this is the one positive thing to occur in 2020 I'll call the year a win.
  13. gojojo

    Iowa State and Louisiana cleared to play

    I've never understood the Purdy hype. Good QB, but he isn't playing on Sundays.
  14. gojojo

    Yearly Lee Corso thread. Why?

    They should conshider bringing back Lou Holtsh
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    What's your favorite style of men's dress shoe?

    I used to prefer an Oxford, but I've been leaning barefoot, flip flop, or slipper these days.
  16. gojojo

    Classy KC fans booing the NFLs moment of unity

    Yes. Let's limit all free speech. While we're at it, no more lake rallies for Trump; it impedes on my families ability to enjoy a day in peace.
  17. gojojo

    Fantasy Football Rosters - Let's See and Critique

    Q: Watson/Rodgers RB: Saquon, Miles Sanders, Jordan Howard, David Montgomery WR: Godwin, Smith-Schuster, Metcalf, Diggs, AJ Green TE: Ertz/Goddert D: Rams K: I forget
  18. gojojo

    Bands/Artists you hate, but everyone else seems to like....

    Yeah, I can see why people may not like Robbie, but when you are the only slightly sober person in the group and doing the majority of the work you'd probably get tired of it as well. Too bad they were as short lived as they were or they could have gone down as the best R&R group of all time.