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  1. Hawk94Mn

    ***Luka Garza commits to Iowa***

    I think this is the all timer
  2. Hawk94Mn

    Tennessee cancels practice: 44 players out due to . . .

    it will be zero so we won’t
  3. Hawk94Mn

    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    Trump wanting college football probably hurt the kids more than anything. To align with Trump is leftist suicide for he is hitler and all evil and they are almighty
  4. Hawk94Mn

    Don't shoot the messenger...

    I think the players unionizing and the subsequent cancellation go hand in hand. Perhaps cancellation was a bluff in order to stop the movement
  5. Hawk94Mn

    "I just don’t know whether there actually was a vote by the Chancellors & Presidents."

    saliva test is huge, only realistic way to play football is immediate test or you’re always banking on kids.
  6. Hawk94Mn

    Why would B10 cancel if they did not know what other conferences are doing?

    The players unionizing forced the hand of the big ten. They couldn’t just run the test like they are in the south. I just don’t understand how you can say no to the kids who want to play. We know a decent amount about the virus and it seems to be getting weaker by the week. If the kids have open...
  7. Hawk94Mn

    Spring it is..

    It’s not possible to do it in the spring, you lose a third of your team to surgery every spring
  8. Hawk94Mn

    Why do people continue to doubt a football season....

    Why isn’t this everywhere.
  9. Hawk94Mn

    Thoughts on Spencer Petras

    I love the goatee, reminds me of the gross beard beathard rocked during the 2015 season. Don’t worry about being pretty be a QB babyyy My guess is one girl said she liked it and it will take a loss to shave it
  10. Hawk94Mn

    Schedule is much better for Iowa

    Strength of the team is the secondary. If we can make it through camp without some injuries Purdue will likely have to go against Belton, Brents and Hankins. No small task. Minnesota might have preseason hype but they lost about 6 guys on D with over 3 years of starting experience and Bateman...
  11. Hawk94Mn

    Penn State football "player" throwing in the towel

    Limited group that can do this, I can only see Sophs and back ups with limited time left in the program. Bateman and Parsons were both projected top 10 in the off season, why not make the best business decision and avoid injury you’ve already demonstrated you can play at the highest level...
  12. Hawk94Mn

    Indiana player gets hit hard with Covid

    If the cost is losing a season I think following the rules will be put at a premium, and each team can have one outbreak with how the schedules are set up, and honestly maybe two if they want to play the season into late November or December. I’m saying if the kids all opt in and are aware of...
  13. Hawk94Mn

    Indiana player gets hit hard with Covid

    then don’t visit your grandparents and be careful in public. These kids can be fed at the facility and be careful in dorms if they really want to play
  14. Hawk94Mn

    96.3 mph. Wow.

    Iowa’s Jeff Smarzggdb
  15. Hawk94Mn

    Indiana player gets hit hard with Covid

    So he got really sick, is it similar to a season ending spine injury. These kids deal with real life consequences everyday. COVID is scary but its far less impactful than a single football practice to most of these kids.
  16. Hawk94Mn

    Minnesota’s Bateman to sit out 2020

    Definitely a business decision. Most guys don’t run a 4.4 and have 1k season under their belt as a Soph. Most guys have to play to have a chance at the NFL. Football is more dangerous than the carona
  17. Hawk94Mn

    TCU - Thanks

    I mean saying don’t say it is obviously a permissible context. If you can’t utter the word in any context we’ve entered a new realm of speech policing that just isn’t fair or realistic
  18. Hawk94Mn

    ****Official Garza Decision and Reaction Thread****

    I feel childish for how happy I am, first real shot at a big ten title during my lifetime.
  19. Hawk94Mn

    Robert T Green- Facebook - Erik Campbell

    What the hell. It’s like every guy needs his moment of attention in this mess. No one is talking to me so let’s throw this unfounded bomb out there with no evidence.
  20. Hawk94Mn

    R.Green, Shanda Phelps, T. Harris

    How can you lie like this? It’s so disgusting. Robert Green is a shit human being