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  1. MACE

    Arland Bruce Eligibility Update

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  2. MACE

    200,000 dead Americans.

    And yet I bet you don't care a bit about the 600,00 abortions this president tried to stop in the last twelve months!
  3. MACE

    Tom Arnold seems to be doing

    Jackass-CokeHead.... deserves everything he gets!
  4. MACE

    Anyone know anything about building a Pond?

    Check with your local NRCS. They will usually design it for free.
  5. MACE

    Who is more flamboyant?

    Kittle seemed to be made of glass when he was at Iowa.
  6. MACE

    Remember James Daniels' letter to Hawkeye Nation declaring he was leaving early for the NFL?

    James definitely has a H.O. for the Hawkeyes. I always thought it was weird that he gave credit to his High School during the starting lineups of NFL games instead of Iowa. Got to love these repressed multi-millionaires!
  7. MACE

    Wow it's easy to get a gun.

    Article 1, Section 1 of the Iowa Constitution does guarantee certain inalienable rights such as defending life and protecting property. Iowa state permit is not required to purchase a shotgun or rifle however you do need a background check. Under Iowa Code Section 724.15, a permit is required...
  8. MACE

    Show Respect For The Flag By Kneeling

    If the entire Hawkeye team knells, I'll only see it once because I'll never come back and trust me...I won't be alone. I figure I spend $500.00 per weekend. I'll protest that way. Fire away!!
  9. MACE

    --NFL Draft Thread: Day One--

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  10. MACE

    Latest Better Call Saul episode

    Great show for sure, but Ozark's final episode was really good.
  11. MACE

    What businesses or people are making bank right now?

    Son works for Penske. The trucking business is steady. He's is in lease sales working from home.
  12. MACE

    Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus

    Prove to me where people can't be tested. I live in small-town Iowa and we've tested several people here.
  13. MACE

    What cheap/ commercial food do you sometimes crave?

    Panda Express Orange Chicken
  14. MACE

    Cordell Pemsl to Transfer

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  15. MACE

    Anyone a diabetic?

    I'm a type 2. Very expensive to be a diabetic. A1c results the last couple of years have been really good. My feet hurt a lot of times and I get some low blood sugars at times.
  16. MACE

    Mortality rate is much lower on Covid-19

    ....and yet 876,000 abortions in the United States last year and nobody cares!
  17. MACE

    How many Hawk fans are quarantined to work at home?

    I'm retired but the wife is an O R Nurse. They are extremely germ conscience but she potentially brings home the virus every evening. I've also been taking my ill mother to clinics and hospitals lately. I think I'm a marked man. Tomorrow I've decided to go fishing with a good friend. We are...
  18. MACE

    Drake Ayala to Iowa

    His mom works for Iowa Heart. I've known her by her first name for probably 10 years. This year we were talking about wrestling and recruiting. She said her son had visited Iowa and Ohio State and some other schools. I asked what was her last name. Ayala. Nice lady. Congratulations to them!
  19. MACE

    Just Went To A Local Wal-Mart

    I'm good. A freezer full of meat and frozen veggies. If it gets worse I have a couple of gun safes full of firearms and ammo, plus enough deer on my property to feed me and my neighbors for months.
  20. MACE

    High school basketball tv coverage

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