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    Nebraska acquires Rapid COVID-19 Testing Machine

    And like everything else in Nebraska, I’ll bet that machine is sturdy, cocksure, steadfast...and strong.
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    Let me help you out with the Than/Then thing. Iowa State is better THAN any B1G team. They would easily run the table, THEN go on to play for a national title if they we’re in the B1G. You’re welcome.
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    Frost says nebraska is going to play

    Scott Frost’s parents are siblings.
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    Suit against ISU women's BB coach

    When Jamie Vander Beeken soaked. the cookies in the fountain. Nobody Told him. how much he hates pheasant. Juice.
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    The Illinois enigma

    The only thing about Illinois football that’s memorable to me in my lifetime is Cap Boso. Not because he was anything special as a TE, but because his name was Cap Boso.
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    Thoughts on Fant/Fidone Workout(s)

    I hope Fidone realizes that when Fleck wakes up every morning, before he shits, before he showers, before his feet hit the floor. The single most important thing on his mind is ‘what am I gonna wear and how cool will I look’. Then after that, the rest of his day is about him.
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    Kathleen Doyle BIG POY

    I love that kid. She’ll succeed in whatever she does in life. Awesome player and what a personality. Great Hawk.
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    Indiana Football............ wut up?

    His general tone and mannerisms in that video lead me to believe that he’s somewhat cross.
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    Is Petras More Mobile than Stanley?

    I’m not knocking Nate at all, but I think successful sneaks will continue due to Linderbaum. His leverage and first step on sneaks were nasty. It wasn’t even fair.
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    Big Ten Perception Day Bowl thread

    Why isn’t Minnesota’s giant, toilet-clogging O lineman playing?
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    *****OFFICIAL IOWA vs Cincinnati Game Thread*****

    Maishe Tailey transferred, ya dumbass.
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    What was your introduction to Iowa football?

    I went to a couple games with Dad and Grandpa during the ‘77 season when I was 8. Coming up out of the tunnel in section N gave me goosebumps when I first saw the field. Still get those today. I think Iowa only won 4 games that year with Tom Rusk, Dennis Moseley, Cedric Shaw, Jim Hilgenberg and...
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    ****Big Ten Championship Game Thread****

    Exactly! Like Cyndi Lauper. Or wait, was she post Madonna? I forget.
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    Duncan blowing kisses to Frost

    Iowa was a couple dropped passes from blowing your ass out. Enjoy your bowl practice schedule.
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    Nile Kinnick Article from the Gazette

    Ironically, the Kinnick statue south of the stadium actually looks more like Kirk than Nile.
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    Does Baylor beat OU this weekend?

    I don’t know. I only watch two Big 12 games a year. Iowa vs Iowa Hate and Iowa vs Nebraska.
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    Running Backs

    Better RB talent certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I agree with another poster who said our blocking scheme is half of the problem. If I had a beer for every time I’ve seen an outside zone running play completely dead on arrival the second the RB gets the ball throughout the last 15 years, my liver...
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    The perfect Scenario for Iowa this Weekend.

    Leave, Dumbas’s.
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    The perfect Scenario for Iowa this Weekend.

    I stopped reading at ‘show’s up’.
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    Iowa vrs. WI win or lose and why?

    Iowa could win if they use the same offensive game plan as the 2016 Michigan win. Insert Goodson for Wadley. That was Greg Davis’s ‘where the hell did that come from’ game.