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    Minneapolis City Council

    Well first of all the police haven't been defunded. So that's a false narrative. If you want to be outraged about it fine. Being a cop is a tough job. They put their lives on the line everyday, I get that. However, now that they are being recorded on a constant basis we see how badly many...
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    Luke Wieskamp & Jack McCaffery, both 8th graders

    Oh c'mon. It wasn't an honest question. Not really offended at all but because the guy had a pony tail I didnt think it was a girl. It was a smart ass question. And it looked like the guy had some pretty good handles. Carry on.
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    Really like the NBA return

    Well said Dodger. While I'm pretty sure we disagree politically, I'm on point that I can separate the 2 things. Once the games start it's still basketball as usual. That's all I'm here for. Don't understand why the other stuff makes people so upset but to each their own.
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    Crazy US Open

    What skills do you have?
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    2 actual Portlanders on the protests there

    My son who lives there and lives downtown has told me the exact same things Flicks friends said. He plays tennis twice a week, runs almost every night and nothing in his life has changed one bit except for not being able to enjoy normal life due to Covid.
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    Tucker DeVries

    I understand it’s Drake or Creighton. Florida has also offered. As a Drake fan as well I certainly hope he becomes a Bulldog. He’s improving like crazy.
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    Really like the NBA return

    Yes, congrats to Nurse. Iowa boy who clearly earned everything he has gotten. Head coach at Grand View at 23 and worked his way up all over the world, mostly in the British basketball league, which honestly I didn’t even know was a thing. Very cool story.
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    University of Iowa Dumping Sports

    So many dumb comments here. These tennis kids are rich so they will be fine. What the F. Tennis and guessing swimming and gymnastics split the scholarships. I believe tennis maybe gets 6 scholarships split among 9-10 maybe even 11 guys. The top player if he’s really good might get a full ride...
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    2021 Prospects: Trey James (commits to IONA!!), Payton Sandfort & others

    This whole thing is a bit confusing. 4 star guy down the road who basically had no offers? Blows up and ends up at Texas?
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    College Choices - Prestige vs Avoiding Debt??

    Guessing with the schools on the list Community College is not in the future. In today's day and age I certainly don't disagree that it's a great option, especially w/the whole Covid thing going on and not really getting the whole college experience. Have a friend whose son was signed up to go...
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    College Choices - Prestige vs Avoiding Debt??

    Isn’t UVA basically an Ivy these days or really close? If it’s instate and she could get in there that’s a no brainer to me. This is a great thread. Obviously the Ivys offer connections that most other schools don’t offer. My son getting a political science degree out in Cali. Costing me about...
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    Really like the NBA return

    Kind of agree about Kawhi. And again, like you never thought I’d say that. Obviously a top 5-10 player and used to be a guy that just put his head down and played hard. Know he was frustrated but he was complaining about every call last night.
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    Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman says homophobic slur on air.

    Fist of all, a mistake is leaving the house for work and then realizing you don't have your wallet or phone w/you. Saying Kansas City is one of the fag capitals of the United States is not a mistake. You clearly meant it or you wouldn't have said it. There's not getting around it. I don't...
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    Really like the NBA return

    Yes I am making assumptions, as some of you guys wade your feet into the water just a little bit with your comments. I don't care about the ratings. The players today are bigger, faster and more skilled than ever. Period. Look at the range of Lillard. His stats from over 30 feet are just...
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    Really like the NBA return

    Sure thing pal.
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    Really like the NBA return

    But Hey, I’m sure you’re also a NBA sucks kind of guy as well. You are right. He didn’t say he hadn’t watched since 2012. Said the ratings are bad and he sees no reason to change it. Not sure why people jump in threads if they don’t care about it. But more power to you.
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    Really like the NBA return

    Glad you could comment since you haven't watched since 2012. Thanks for contributing.
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    Are there still police in Portland ?

    For once in his life Run and Blade said something sensible. Local problem local consequences. Andy Ngo is a total right wing propagandist. Not saying shit isn't happening, but if the people of Portland don't seem to mind or the local govermnent, why do you care? I know, I know, Law and...
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    Really like the NBA return

    His range is just unbelievable. It’s crazy how good these guys are. And also crazy how bad the Lakers guards are.
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    This is the modern day Republican Party.

    Again, this all goes back to the post of the demographics of the US changing. White people are having less kids, and soon will be in the minority. It is what it is. Deal with it. The Qanon people and the crazy right wing offshoots are just a side effect of this. It's how Trump won. The...