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    Positive swarm 2020 chatter

    As people who spend time there know, it's Schaeffer Hall.
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    Riley Till was part of Senior Night. Pemsl Transferring. We are now at 13 on Scholarship for 2020-21

    Pat and Connor could each have 50% scholarships. Many athletes at U if I are on partials, including most of the wrestlers.
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    2-17 Weekday Games Thread and Seed List

    we’re not going to catch Maryland, so time to start pulling for the Terps when they play teams competing for 2nd and 3rd.
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    Big Ten Conference Championship W/L Record

    Pretty strong odds that Illinois will be playing for the championship, or at least a tie for the title, when the Hawks travel there for what will be the final game played in the Big Ten regular season.
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    Big Ten Conference Championship W/L Record

    Illinois is 8-3 with 5 remaining home games and one of its road games is NW. Probably ends up with 14 or 15 wins. MSU still has to play at Illinois and at Maryland. Maryland has to play at Illinois, MSU and Rutgers.
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    What just happened at the end of the game? Looks like something happened.

    They complain about the dunk but then come down and hit a 3 after that.
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    Iowa women up at half

    She is shooting 57%.
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    Some Hawkeye wins a Super Bowl

    According to an Hawkeye Insider story today, Iowa, Mississippi State, and Penn State are tied for the most players on the 4 teams' rosters with 9 players each. The Hawkeyes include practice squad players Parker Hesse and Ross Reynolds.
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    This is how bad the DM Register has become

    This morning's paper has no mention of last night's game: not an article, or a box score, or even the score. I'm not talking about an edition delivered to some remote corner of the state, it's the paper I picked up this morning in Des Moines. The game was over by 9:30. And the front page...
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    Iowa women ranked

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    Some Hawkeye wins a Super Bowl

    4 teams left and all have at least one former Hawkeye, and no matter who it is, great to see it.
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    Hawkeye Women Win!!!

    Bluder had a team that tied for the Big Ten regular season title, and many that either finished 2nd or tied for second in the conference, and a Big Ten tourney championship. She has also led the Hawkeyes to many NCAA appearances, including a Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8. She's been the Big Ten...
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    Will officials ever be held accountable?

    And what happens when there's a shortage of officials, which is happening?
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    A closer look at stats & rankings from 2010-2019

    Hayden, Kirk, and Hawkeye fans have been fortunate to have three great DC's in Bill Brashier, Norm and Phil Parker.
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    Florida A&M

    Me too, especially thinking of the way Proehm and Jacobsen acted at the game in Iowa City a year ago.
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    Florida A&M

    Haha. That’s what I get for relying on Des Moines reporter Randy Peterson for my facts.
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    Florida A&M

    Florida A&M had lost its last 72 games against power 5 schools.
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    The Hawkeyes have won the opening toss and elected to kick USC’s ass!

    I agree. Watched the game live in a bar where it was impossible to hear what the announcers were saying. Watched the replay on FS1 Saturday morning and was surprised, after reading the criticisms of USC bias, to find that the broadcasters were very good. Gus calling the kickoff return for a...
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    Petras put up big numbers in high school, breaking records held by Jared Goff. From an article last year: Petras knows about football culture. His high school, Marin Catholic, churns out double-digit season win totals as well as Division I quarterbacks. Four of the five varsity quarterbacks...
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    1460 KXNO Morning Rush This Morning and the Hawk Bowl Win

    Both the Register and the KXNO morning crew pride themselves on alienating Iowa fans.