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    Any updates on S&C coach

    I gotta believe with the way the offseason went down, there will be no additional shakeups until 2021...
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    Starting a new league for fantasy football

    Yes I took Lazard.. Possibly just so I can cut him 😉
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    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    What difference would it make since he never learned it? (too soon?)
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    Fields starts petition

    Who is Murray? Do you mean Kevin Warren? If not, I'm lost on what you're talking about.
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    Major offensive player considering a transfer

    what would be the best case scenario for a transfer this year? 2-3 games before whatever remaining conference they land in shuts it all down?
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    Will you watch Iowa State this season?

    So it's not just a clever name. ;)
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    Jestin Jacobs

    I was just gonna say this thread is eerily similar to a certain repeating theme we've seen about OM....
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    Penn State football "player" throwing in the towel

    you should update your title to include the word "player"
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    Robert T Green- Facebook - Erik Campbell

    speaking of desperation, this reply from KMM's thread made me chuckle --
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    R.Green, Shanda Phelps, T. Harris

    Yep! I think the joke was something about getting pregnant. :D
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    Name the Successor

    Let us all just stop you there...
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    Robert Green- At it again

    BF has a Twitter, they could just @ him instead of the hashtags....#whataretheypayingthisguyforanyway /s
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    What would you want to see as an alternate uniform in the future

    I actually liked last year's gold, but the result hurt.
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    Punter from down under...

    Spencer Petras said he isn't interested in punting this year anyway. ;)
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    Who is Jade_DFW?

    Rob Howe
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    Robert T Green - rep for Wadley, Fleming, Joly, etc

    that Jade_DFW twitter user is also the one that Howe tried to imply was BF...