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    OT: Booger McFarland will not return to Monday Night Football

    Nice to see booger just got eaten up!
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    Cooper DeJean...Friday Night Lights Highlights

    Instead of dancing with the dance team during halftime of a basketball game. I wanna see a dunk contest by the football team! Wirfs would’ve been fun to watch this year and probly would’ve won.
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    Top player of the year in ‘20

    New Kirk, old Kirk, it doesn’t matter. One thing remains the same. If Iowa is going to win, they are going to run the ball. Our offensive line is going to be outstanding. Just in time for the human joystick.
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    Nunge, how is his knee

    It is a ligament concern.
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    OT - Drake’s C Liam Robbins Transferring

    Why are we all assuming nunge plays behind Garza. I’m not saying he is going to start, but I do think his natural position is the 4. With how well Ogundele rebounds, I would rather see him on the court in Garza’s absence.
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    Iowa Football during the 1918 Flu Pandemic

    Any. Idea where I could get a box set
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    Keegan Murray Highlights

    At what point (if any) will these guys get evaluated.
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    Kind of reminds me of the Charlie Moore recruiting a couple of years ago.
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    I think you are right about carton, but your smug crumbs are getting old. Say it, or don’t.
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    So you’re saying there is ZERO chance.......ZERO?
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    DJ Carton Could Still Be a Hawk

    We made his top 5 and his top three are no closer to home than osu. Not saying he transfers to Iowa city, but there was interest at one point.
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    Transfer Portal

    If it came down to losing a player that already chose Iowa, I say hard pass. Nothing against carton but that wouldn’t be fair to the ones that picked iowa. Also, team chemistry is a trick thing.
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    DJ Carton Could Still Be a Hawk

    Got that sick feeling Freddy is going to put the full court press on and he’ll be a corn husker by the end of the month.
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    Who is the greatest shooter in Iowa History?

    Sadly gatens is always forgotten because he played for lic.
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    Transfer Portal

    I think he’s referring to the lack of scholarships
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    Rothstein early next season top 45

    For Garza and bohannon the challenge will be allowing the game to come to them. The pressure will be off for them. They have had to be “the guy” in the last couple of years. The key will be Fran. We will be adding one of the most prolific 3 point shooters in Iowa history to the starting five...
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    Starting Lineup for 2020-2021 National Championship team

    Bohannon C.J. Weezy Conner Garza joe t and nunge first off the bench. Both have a chance to be 6th man. Nunge will play a kriener type role, when he was coming off the bench. You will see pmac and pemsl playing between 5-10 minutes a game. If one or the other can’t go, expect big things from a...
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    Baer or CMac?

    Baer had better stats, but we are comparing conner’s sophomore year to baers senior year. I gotta choose Conner because I think he is just scratching the surface.