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    No way Joe W leaves...

    Joe W projects as an NBA role player. He’s a “3 and D” swing man. His job would be stand in the corner, space the floor, make 3’s, and guard. It’s a role that the NBA values and looks like a good fit for him. He’s got good size, good lateral quickness, and can shoot. That type of player...
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    XFL Football

    The XFL pay is only like 50 or 55k. So if you had your cup of coffee in the NFL and washed out the XFL might not be a great fit in the sense you already made it to the big show, got an opportunity, and washed out. You know where you stand. XFL seems like a good fit for people that didn’t get...
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    NET rankings....

    NET also factors in efficiency metrics. So when we play the occasional no-defense road game like Purdue earlier and give up 104 points and get hammered for no particularly reason, it hurts our ranking more than most losses.
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    Kirk Ferentz is a good man.

    Ferentz seemed to have made a concerted effort after his 2010 extension to meaningfully give back to the community. He’s well paid obviously, but he’s earned his money. His coaching peers who make as much or more than him don’t seem to have the same sense of philanthropic obligation he does...
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    Petras has a big arm and his HS coach says he has touch.

    We haven’t had a QB2 with this much buzz prior to starting in a long time. Maybe Tate. But the comments coming from players and coaching staff, as well as the lack of any real QB competition, suggest Petras clearly separated himself from everyone else on the roster. I think he’s likely to be...
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    Matt gatens

    Lick bulked him up and made him play a combo forward position. That was terrible for him. Fran had him lose weight his senior and play shooting guard running off screen and playing with the ball in his hands much like CJF is used now.
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    This team is exceeding expectations in all regards. Beat Nebraska this weekend, get to 8-5, and move forward. Would like to get at least a 6 seed in the tournament to give us a reasonable chance at the sweet 16.
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    New Story Hawkeyes sign punter Tory Taylor

    So you just order punters from Australia now. They are like Amazon. Very convenient.
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    Iowa post-game radio

    It wasn’t a big deal. It was a great game. A couple dumb comments that nobody probably meant shouldn’t be the focus.
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    Our Bench

    Why do we want worse players taking more shots. Garza, CJF, and Wieskamp should take a gazillion shots. And Mcaffrey, Toussaint, and Kriener get to pick their spots. Garza and Evelyn don’t get to shoot unless nobody is guarding them.
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    Is 2021 .......

    Any explanation for this? And how much of this is that new coaches at Nebraska, ISU, and Minnesota are very comfortable throwing out lots of offers, even if they aren’t recruiting a kid very hard or willing to immediately accept the commitment?
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    Concerned About Fatigue

    Joe W is nothing like Doncic. Joe doesn’t have great ball skills, which makes it hard for him isolate. He’s a very good off ball player who can shoot, straight line drive close outs and angles, and post. But if you are expecting him to impose his will on a game as a ball dominant player that...
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    Joe T was the difference maker

    He’s a good matchup with Wisconsin who plays physically but not terribly athletic. He can play through the contact with his strength and athleticism.
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    Eno Benjamin-will he be playing in the senior bowl?

    The kid graduated in three years (actually 2.5 years) while playing Power 5 football. Its his life—that he didn’t want to play for a meaningless Sun Bowl trophy but wants to get impress NFL scouts/coaches should hardly be held against him.
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    Complaints about recruiting, talent, and athleticism

    This is where we all need to remember that Connor McCafrey is our starting power forward. And he’s GOOD at it. And that makes no sense. Tip of the cap to Fran. His odd collection of family members, family friends, and kids with no power 5 offers play entertaining, good basketball.
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    **** Ron Harper Jr.

    Some of our most beloved Hawks have been blowing a lot of kisses over the past 4 months. I’ll let it slide.
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    **** Ron Harper Jr.

    He’s good at basketball. Competes hard. Doesn’t talk much. I like him.
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    2020 line

    It allows for some true physical development. We will start two 5th year guys, two 4th year guys, and a talented 3rd year player. Guys like Plumb, Ince, and Britt won’t be needed to play until they are 3rd and 4th year players. This year our experienced guys weren’t talented and our younger...
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    Toren Young forgoing final year of eligibility

    I don’t think it has anything to do with money. He graduated college. He played four years. He’s ready to move on from college football. So he will give the NFL a shot now and if nothing happens he’ll move on with his life and pursue a vocation with his college degree. It’s that or he busts...
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    Hell of a win

    I’m all in on CJF. The kid just oozes competitiveness, confidence, and some nastiness. He’s a pirate looking to pillage out there. And he’s going to be a legend if he plays all 4 years here.