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  1. Scott559

    Chuck Grassley releases a statement

  2. Scott559

    Miami woman brutally attacked on metro

    I’m sure the community feels safe with this upstanding citizen back on the streets.
  3. Scott559

    Trump assassination attempt

    Vacationing with Mrs. Wormer?
  4. Scott559

    The GOP strategy now?

    Do you care at all who is nominated or are you ready for whomever is nominated to be rubber stamped?
  5. Scott559

    Should I stop posting on HROT?

  6. Scott559


    Trumponomics in a nutshell, Same old trickle down economics, Has never worked, Great though if you like exploding deficits.
  7. Scott559

    What did you think of Trump before he ran for President?

    Didn’t think about him much honestly, Then I read an article years ago about him stiffing contractors, Considered him a POS ever since.
  8. Scott559

    Favorite songs about Sex.

  9. Scott559

    Wouldja? (Bonkers Bettendorf Stabby McStabberson edition)

    Head not mounted squarely on neck......pass.
  10. Scott559

    Fantasy Football Rosters - Let's See and Critique

    Wish you well!
  11. Scott559

    A commercial you like and one you don't

    Like Lily commercials That’s all.
  12. Scott559

    No Nobility for Trump

  13. Scott559

    HCQ? You read it here first