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    Ya, is Iowa in his top 6??
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    The Brands Brothers

    Jay Huff - D3 Natty champ, HWT (BVU) in the 90's, was from Sheldon.
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    Budget cuts

    Those agree'd to pay cuts by the athletic dept were what was necessary, still anticipating regular attendance @ Kinnick and CHA for football, basketball, etc, for 2020-2021 season's. Since we know now this will not be the case, further and deeper cuts are forthcoming.
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    Jaleel Johnson and Carl Davis coming to IC

    That is false, I just drove by at 12:00Noon Sunday, there are 100 people scrubbing the stadium, and its far from cleaned up/graffiti removed.
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    Will you go if you can? IOWA had sold 40,000 football Season Tix, incl those going to students.

    I was on the fence for renewing this year anyway (due to a few different financial factors), but the whole Covid-19 uncertainty made my decision for me. I will still attend all home games allowed this year (and in the future), but will just buy single game tickets from the University, scalp, or...
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    Cash Wilcke to join Iowa Lakes wrestling staff

    Former Hawkeye Cash Wilcke to join Iowa Lakes wrestling staff Iowa Lakes wrestling coach Cody Alesch recently announced the addition of three-time NCAA qualifier Cash Wilcke to the staff as a graduate-assistant coach pending board approval. "We couldn't be more excited about Cash joining our...
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    Attendance record

    Not much were going to be able to do about that, unless CHA adds more seats, we get a new Fire Marshall in Iowa City, or wrestle a meet in Kinnick again.
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    Matches that changed the sport

    I remember the anticipation of Schlatter vs Metcalf, at the Bigten tourney a few years back up in Mpls. I didn't think the match would happen, but Schlatter did wrestle (he had been injured and many figured he would injury default the Metcalf match, still making the NCAA's). It was a great...
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    Lesner vs Hand natty match

    Wes did beat Lesner once up in Mpls. He hit him with a cow catcher early in the match when Brock came straight in on him, he had him on his back for a bit and got a 3 count, then Lesner got out, but Hand was able to milk his 5-0 lead the rest of the way.
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    help please,Iowa wrestlers from Idaho

    Erickson - was ID. Gillis was ND
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    Steve Mocco: Iowa Fans vs. Ok. State Fans "When You Win They Love You, When You lose They Hate You"

    Sorry if already posted. In Iowa fan's defense, those were dark days when Mocco was here, and Zalesky was trying to maintain a bar set so incredibly high, by his predecessor Dan Gable.
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    Final 2019-20 Dual Impact Index

    There it is....Iowa had 10 All Americans!
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    Teen wrestling champ stops kidnapping of children

    No Kidding Jrjt, I was at a bar a few weeks back where a drunk guy was getting extricated by 2 cops, and about 25 people had their phone out recording it, it was surreal.
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    Teen wrestling champ stops kidnapping of children A good wrestling related story
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    Robbed of Championships ? - ESPN Article on Iowa Wrestling this season

    After reading Trump $1,000 (if it ever materializes), is going to the new Iowa wrestling facility.
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    What’s with the bots?

    2 dollar no holler
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    What’s with the bots?

    Me love you long time
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    OSU looks to be a helluva dual

    I'll guess this has to be the 1st time in the history of the Iowa wrestling program, that the Hawks will be wrestling back to back meets against opponents that have starting wrestlers named Boo. How's that for a bold guess?!?!?
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    Parris Cass match

    When MN wrestled Mich back on Jan 19th, was Gable Stevenson still out for his legal issues? I see Mn wrestled a backup Hwt that match, that Parris pinned. Just wondering if Stevenson could of wrestled that match on that date or not? I look forward to seeing that match at some point.
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    Parris Cass match

    To close the gap, all Cass has to do is not get pinned.