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  1. HawkNole09

    After watching NFL and CFB

    I’m convinced that the B1G leadership can’t say no. If the answer was no they would have delayed the vote until next week.
  2. HawkNole09

    Central Tenets of Iowa Football?

    When you’re explaining to a 9 year old what the program stands for you have to boil it down. I think the program itself has three or four points that they pride themselves on.
  3. HawkNole09

    Central Tenets of Iowa Football?

    Preparation Competitiveness Toughness Any others?
  4. HawkNole09

    8 KSU players positive for covid

    Positive cases are to be expected. It’s hospitalization and deaths that we need to be concerned with. It’s my opinion that COVID-19 has hit the weakest immune systems already, resulting in the quick peak we saw. Moving forward, the virus is going to encounter stronger immune systems and as a...
  5. HawkNole09

    Proven playmakers

    LaPorta made plays too.
  6. HawkNole09

    Ferentz era over?

    Gut feeling. Nobody gets fired. Everybody gets the opportunity to change. The team chooses to kneel. Lots of boosters get upset. Iowa wins a ‘21 Natty. Gut feel. Mind you I had buffalo chicken pizza tonight.
  7. HawkNole09

    ***Jeremiah Pittman Commits to Iowa***

    I’m seeing 6’ 1 1/2” 291 running a 4.75 40, with a 35.5“ vert.
  8. HawkNole09

    Depth Chart

    Based on the bowl game I’d like to see Niemann and Colbert paired with Belton. Doyle and Campbell can continue to grow and learn.
  9. HawkNole09

    If there are no fans in the stands

    We’ll stand around the stadium. 6 feet apart. And we’ll still bring terror down upon them.
  10. HawkNole09

    Athletes may be at risk for greater illness from FLU - should they still play?

    I just want to know when we’re going to have access to testing. There are so many people that say — I think I’ve had it. Countless others who didn’t have any idea they had it and end up testing positive. We need testing.
  11. HawkNole09

    Poll: Which Offensive Personnel Grouping do you want to see used most?

    What do you think puts the most talent on the field?
  12. HawkNole09

    Agree or Disagree (2-Deep Defense)

    Waggoner could start, I agree. DJ I would think there’d need to be an injury ahead of him. So, on clear passing downs: LDE: ??? / Jacobs? LT: Golston RT: Waggoner RDE: Evans
  13. HawkNole09

    Agree or Disagree (2-Deep Offense)

    Hmm...any idea who fits there?
  14. HawkNole09

    Agree or Disagree (2-Deep Defense)

    Hawkeye 2 Deep - Defense. ***EDITED*** LE SR C. Golston 6’5” 270 LE FR L. Lee 6’5” 270 LT JR D. Nixon 6’3” 310 LT SO J. Waggoner 6’5” 280 RT SR A. Schulte 6’4” 287 RT SR N. Shannon 6’0” 290 RE SR Z. VanValkenberg 6’4” 270 RE SO J. Evans 6’2” 240 SLB SO J. Evans 6’2”...
  15. HawkNole09

    Agree or Disagree (2-Deep Offense)

    ***EDITED*** QB SO* S. Petras 6’5” 230 QB FR* A. Padilla 6’1” 195 QB FR D. Hogan 6’4” 200 RB SO T. Goodson 5’11 195 RB SR M. Sargent 5’9” 212 -OR- RB JR* I. Kelly-Martin 5’10” 205 SL SO* T. Tracy 5’11” 200 -OR- SL SO* N. Ragaini 6’0” 192 WRX SR B. Smith 6’2” 218 WRX JR* O...
  16. HawkNole09

    CB depth

    Thank you! Coulda sworn I saw Moss on the R though
  17. HawkNole09

    CB depth

    Is this true: M. Hankins, J. Brents, DJ Johnson all play LCB? R. Moss, J. Harris, and T. Roberts all play RCB?
  18. HawkNole09

    Projection: Iowa Recruiting class 2021 will end up ranked Top 15.

    Excuse my ignorance. I didn’t realize how the scores were tabulated. But now I challenge your football knowledge. Where would you like to start?