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  1. BirdistheWord

    B1G To Start Thanksgiving Weekend Now?

    True. Though, the hard left mainstream media is controlling the narrative. What happened to flattening the curve for a few weeks? I saw the CDC data cut a little deeper than the usual msm laziness/framing. Death rate if you exclude nursing homes in the U.S. = 0.03% I believe that was thru...
  2. BirdistheWord

    Thomas Fidone to Nebraska

    Good luck to Thomas. Lets move on.
  3. BirdistheWord

    F the Big Ten. Time to leave this conference and their inept, garbage leadership!

    The new commissioner is a terrible leader. Just another angry, controlling political hack.
  4. BirdistheWord

    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    Voter suppression shtick is really sad. Rebranded Marxism will not end well.
  5. BirdistheWord

    BJ Armstrong's role with the Bulls

    Yes, in the Bulls system BJ was the point guard and spot up shooter. More like Paxson. I would almost describe it as a combo guard given how much Jordan touched the ball. Kerr was a pure 3 point shooter a la Craig Hodges.
  6. BirdistheWord

    Really like the NBA return

    You are making so many assumptions. I am a big Mavs fan. Not a LeBron fan. Yes, I have some issues with the NBA overall. But..I have supported the NBA plenty over the years. I was pointing out that their viewership has been on a steady decline and that I did not see that trend changing. Have a...
  7. BirdistheWord

    Really like the NBA return

    Meh. LeBron is a pompous whiner. NBA viewership has been on the decline since 2012. I see no reason to change that trend.
  8. BirdistheWord

    Map of states playing college football

    Portland and Seattle say hi
  9. BirdistheWord

    Skyler Bell commits to Wisconsin

    good luck to him. Next.
  10. BirdistheWord

    Iowa, Nebby, Mich, tOSU To Play Big 12 Rumor

    about on par with msm
  11. BirdistheWord

    1986-87 vs 2020-21 team who would win??

    I never said "athleticism" and being "skilled" were mutually exclusive. For the record, I am a huge fan of the 86-87 team. My evidence for stating that the current team was more skilled was based on a combination of FG shooting, FT shooting, low post moves, and passing. Very subjective of course...
  12. BirdistheWord

    1986-87 vs 2020-21 team who would win??

    86-87 was by far more athletic and deep....but current team is more skilled and efficient
  13. BirdistheWord

    1986-87 vs 2020-21 team who would win??

    Marble was more raw in 86-87 and so can see how you could score as a "tie." As a sophomore, he was not a serious 3 point threat at that stage of his career (28% or thereabouts). The game was a bit different then too. Their stats were quite similar after two years each as Iowa players. Side...
  14. BirdistheWord

    CMac Appreciation Thread

    One other aspect that cannot be overlooked is his toughness at the very end of games. The guy is fearless. He will do whatever he has to do to get the ball. Not afraid to get fouled and go to the line. He WANTS the ball. Additionally, out of the regular rotation players, he was basically tied...
  15. BirdistheWord

    Robert T Green- Facebook - Erik Campbell

    basically any black coach who is fired (didn't soup leave on his own?) is because of racism.
  16. BirdistheWord

    Semi OT. Hulu + live tv >>>>>>> YouTube TV

    You lost me at Cubs
  17. BirdistheWord

    Really like the NBA return

    Lebron is a douche bag and has the poorest selling jersey in Hong Kong.