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  1. Tunadog

    Name Bands With More Than One Legitimate Lead Singer

  2. Tunadog

    Favorite songs about Sex.

  3. Tunadog

    Why is is so hard to say I’m sorry?

    You owe Jelly an apology. Tell him you're sorry.
  4. Tunadog

    HROT observation...

    You're right, Natty. Four years ago Trump and his team gambled and picked one of the oldest political and military strategies known to man. Divide and conquer. i knew what they were up to from the very beginning, and I'll be damned if it didn't work. But that power he gathered is feeding...
  5. Tunadog

    You Iowa people voted for this idiot wow

    A doctor from Council Bluffs blasted Reynolds on CNN about a half hour ago. Council Bluffs!!! Let that sink in.
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    Songs with Back in the title

  7. Tunadog

    Name this Band

    The Douches of Hazzard