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    From The Washington Post
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    Some recent basketball memories
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    Dillon Doyle Transfer Portal

    I thought he had an initial offer from Harvard. Maybe Yale.
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    Illinois Kofi declares for draft

    May yet return, but maybe not. If they lose Ayo as well it will be a year of rebuilding in Champaign.
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    The season is over

    When are the post season awards announced?
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    Did anyone see this little nugget in today's Tribune?
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    5 seed

    This team definitely overachieved.
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    Tony Perkins March 6 Game Highlights

    What a game! TP gets 26. The championship game is tonight (Sat) at 7 with Warren Central.
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    Lawrence North moves on

    Lawrence North beat Crispus Attucks Friday night by 3.
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    Lawrence North moves on
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    Omaha Biliew

    I've read some Iowa prep tournament coverage and that name Omaha Biliew pops up followed by adulation similar to what was said about Peter Jok before the injury. Someone tell me he bleeds black and gold.
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    We play Illinois Sunday at 6

    I hate those games and I'm guessing the the visiting team does also. Probably come in on Saturday, sit around most of Sunday. Hard to keep an edge I would think. Add that it's a senior sendoff, a chance at retribution and the last game of the season when much has been decided and I fear a bad...
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    On Ojemudia
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    Garza played 40 minutes

    That is a significant stat as I think he was gassed down the stretch. Another remarkable performance in a hyper physical game where he was rarely not doubled or triple teamed.
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    A bit of a Tues preview from the Free Press
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    PSU vs Indiana

    How awful has PSU been the last 2 games? Aside from Stevens, where do you go? I know they've played well early in the season but man.
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    2-17 Weekday Games Thread and Seed List

    WW 2 was a must win. (Sorry Marv)
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    2 stats that let Minny hang around

    28 minutes for Garza. 1-7 for Joe W. In a game I thought Joe would be hunting shots, he was a non-factor. And for a guy that has offensive skills it is odd how easy he is taken out of the game. It happened at IU as well. I would like to see him step out well beyond the 3 line and shoot...
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    Why would he come back?

    Luka. I suppose that he is told he wouldn't be drafted. But how would another year improve his game? How would he improve on a possible National POY season and a B10 lock for POY? If this year doesn't get him NBA attention maybe it isn't meant to be. His return could set up a memorable...
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    March 3rd we get a chance to prove ourselves to Purdue again. Let's see how that plays out.