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    WBB recruiting for the future, 2020 and beyond!

    Love all these updates.
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    Why do Bluder’s women’s teams go into a shell whenever there is a big game?

    They’ve won 76 games the past three seasons.
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    Joe Weiskamp Appreciation Thread

    Teams are beating the crap out of him. Watch him without the ball, he gets mugged repeatedly. He’ll learn from it and he should return for his junior season.
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    Riley Till was part of Senior Night. Pemsl Transferring. We are now at 13 on Scholarship for 2020-21

    I’m guessing they apply for.a medical redshirt for Patrick.
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    Why would he come back?

    Has anyone seen him show up in a mock draft? I haven’t.
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    Historically that's a typical Iowa Basketball season.
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    Chris Collins

    He should’ve bolted after the NCAA appearance.
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    Final Thoughts on IA/NE Rivalry

    The Nebraska game will never be just another game to me. I wish them the worst, always.
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    2020 - the best year of this young century ?

    If you're a first round pick, you have to go pro. Life changing $.
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    Hawks are 2-1.

    Team Ranking projects Iowa to go 15-15. Sadly that sounds about right.
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    Why is Patrick not playing tonight?

    Hopefully an injury (wink wink) redshirt.
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    PFF's 8 First Round Locks

    Where's Wirfs? I'd be shocked if he isn't a first rounder.
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    Hawks Top 4 Scorers Against DePaul

    Iowa won't beat anyone without production from Wieskamp. The scouting report is fairly simple. Take away Joe W and surround Garza. Nunge so far as been a massive disappointment and I was high on his upside. Toussaint & Fredrick were the only ones who showed me some fight.
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    We should just cancel the season based on evaluations from the peanut gallery. It’s one game. In November.
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    Less than 24 hours to go?

    I thought they played very well in the exhibition game, especially the starting 5. Light it up Hawks.
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    Question on You Tube TV

    You Tube TV is great so far. Other than an occasional internet hiccup, it's been awesome at a far better price point. Of course if they don't get the Cubs network, I'll be shopping again in March.
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    Iowa's Defense

    Iowa has held all 8 opponents under their season scoring average. Miami (OH) 22 ppg (scored 14 vs Iowa) ISU 36 ppg (17) MTSU 25 ppg (3) Rutgers 15 ppg (zip) Michigan 31 ppg (10) Penn State 39 ppg (17) Purdue 23 ppg (20) N'Western 11 ppg (zip)
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    Jack Nunge a year later

    I’d be shocked if he isn’t a starter.
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    Dolph vs. Jeff

    Listening to Dolph and Eddie is like listening to the two old Muppets in the balcony.