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  1. HawkBlocked


    Did our punter from Australia make it to campus?
  2. HawkBlocked

    Carson Wentz gets booed despite Eagles having no fans in the stadium...

    That's harsh. But it is Philadelphia, so we shouldn't be surprised.
  3. HawkBlocked

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    When did the SS max raise from $90,000 to $137,700? I don't make enough for it to concern me, that's probably why I missed the change.
  4. HawkBlocked

    Flu shot

    Funny noises coming from the back yard now. It's too dark to tell if it's a squirrel, sasquatch, or the obelisk. If I gather the courage, I'll grab a flashlight and explore.
  5. HawkBlocked

    Flu shot

    Because that gives me a 50% chance of not getting it. I'd prefer to not get sick if possible. My only concern is that is seems I'm now being tailed.
  6. HawkBlocked

    Flu shot

    Got my flu shot this morning. Then today while I've been out and about, on four seperate occasions, I've noticed a helicopter flying overhead. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, right?
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    Scheduling is not brain science .

    Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one, and they all stink.
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    Do Teams Just Troll The Cowboys Now With Uniforms?

    I think the Rams trolled themselves with those uniforms. And I'm a Rams fan.
  9. HawkBlocked

    President biff leaves out "Under God" from pledge

    I hate Trump as much as any logical person, but I don't see this one. It looks to me like his jaw moves when the words "under God" are recited. If you try it at home, you can say "under God" pretty easily without moving your jaw/lips much. Now everything else about Trump I hate, but I can't...
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    I changed my mind, I’m voting for Trump

    According to the tweet, at least there will still be someone there to answer my 911 call. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.
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    Severe coronavirus disease, death 'rare' among kids

    This is very good to hear. Any good news we get on this virus is appreciated.
  12. HawkBlocked

    More 2020ing

    Forgive my ignorance, I've lived in Iowa since day 1. I'm assuming this means we have 2 more big hurricanes coming? Or is that an illustration of how long I say it is, and how long my wife says it is?
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    Trump and the Republicans missed a huge opportunity tonght

    Trump's pretty wrapped up in himself. He might not be aware that there is a hurricane (or two) about to rip up the south.
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    Carlisle school district announces they'll send teachers who are under COVID-19 quarantine back into the classroom

    Do they send you in to work with just a cloth mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer as your only defense to the virus? Then instead of giving you one patient at a time, they throw 30 of them into the same room with you?
  15. HawkBlocked

    Favorite bowl game to attend in person.

    Alamo Bowl. Had fun every day there, don't remember most of the nights. For the first few days there, Hawk fans had the River Walk to ourselves, there was black and gold as far as you could see. The day before the game, Texas Tech fans rolled in, and they were EVERYWHERE. But we won the...
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    Pots and pans?

    What you are asking for does not exist.
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    A few of my favorite things

    When I was in college, my roommate thought Jewel was smoking hot. I just didn't see it. Now I do.
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    So I’m camping, yes in a tent soon

    You're also going to need a microwave if you want to cook a good steak.
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    Covid Kim's push to reopen schools descends into chaos

    OP's headline hits the nail on the head. Chaos is a great word to describe this whole fiasco.
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    Covid Outbreaks = ND, N Carolina, NC State & Michigan State going Online

    When did I say that a vaccine would work? And I wasn't aware that I was a genius, but I'll take it.