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    official schedule release

    Not a bad schedule for Iowa. Wisconsin will be in the driver seet with their schedule but we get them at home to end the regular season. Will be interesting to see how no crowd affects the teams.
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    Devil's Advocate

    Bottom line is because of the leaks the B1G presidents took a lot of heat over this closed door decision that caught even many of their athletic department's by surprise. A lot of them were called out publicly by the public, major donors, the coaches, and the media. They didn't like the heat...
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    B10 Restart Announcement TONIGHT!

    This. There has been a lot of confusion between if Wisconsin and Michigan want to play or not because the AD's and coaches want one thing but the behind the curtain president's and chancellor's want another. The president's and chancellor's were not happy with all the leaks coming from the...
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    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    Whoa you're a hateful easily triggered little man. You can play football without large gatherings. It's being proven every week. You can play football and have medical protocols set up to protect the teams every day and every week. Its been proven. You're the useful sucker the politicians and...
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    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    Dude you should walk away from this site and just people in general for awhile. You're obsessed right now and its taking over your life. You're a cheerleader for Covid and any negative news and only the news that relates to your beliefs. I thank God I live in a country with freedoms. The only...
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    Rutgers Not Budging On Postponement Stance

    Everyone played down the severity. Democrats were criticizing Trump for travel bans and taking some action back in February. Fauci was quoted in February that this wouldn't be a big deal. Europe who is in the midst of a massive 2nd wave downplayed it. China and the WHO downplayed it. Nobody...
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    Rutgers Not Budging On Postponement Stance

    Has more to do with they're tired of politcs taking over everything in their lives. The riots and lack of leadership because of politics. The local leadership during covid. The cancel culture and so on.
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    Rutgers Not Budging On Postponement Stance

    Not sure how NYC survives economically. Even before Covid they had massive debt to the tune it equated to $63,100 per NYC resident. Can't imagine where thats at now? Chicago isn't much better in the midwest. Has been a financial drain on the state of Illinois.
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    Rutgers Not Budging On Postponement Stance

    Have a lot of family and friends in Michigan. Everyone they talk to no matter if they're Democrat or Republican think its political. No secret the Rutgers president is very anti Trump. I know the B1G president's at several of these B1G schools don't want to give in and make it look like Trump...
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    B1G Football is BACK! 9 (8+1) Games in 9 Week Window w/ Oct 23/24 Start Date, which is Crucial w/ Dec 19 B1G Title Game & CFP Teams Revealed Dec 20

    If reports from UM players and football staff are true Mark Schlissel is a grade A piece of crap. Its been widely reported from the players and UM staff that Schlissel has gone out of his way over the past 4 weeks to ignore them and provide no discussion. He hasn't spoken to anyone involved with...
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    Rules are for the little people

    Her staff confirmed it was her
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    Wisconsin DOJ Says Jacob Blake Had Weapon On Vehicle Floorboard

    This is a pretty dumb post. No matter your training it is not easy to take anyone down. Especially when they're in fight mode. Add in a weapon that can kill you in a split second and you need to be near perfect in a very imperfect situation to come out of it unharmed. There have been hundreds of...
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    Who do you pick?

    Went to ECU for a Flag Football tournament years ago and can say they have to be a top 10 school for partying. Made a lot of friends from that wild week that I still keep in contact with. A lot like the Outback Bowl when we played South Carolina. If you're from a Carolina you sure like to party...
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    So who is your team this Fall?

    I remember that sad story with Colorado. Coach McCartney had Colorado a consistent top 10 program with even a national championship and then his daughter Kristy couldn't stop getting knocked up by his players. Didn't she have two kids with two separate players and had "dated" multiple other...
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    So who is your team this Fall?

    Will you be watching college football? Will you follow another team? Will you just stick to NFL? Will you take the fall off from football? For me my family and my hobbies have reduced the amount of football I've watched over the years so I mostly just watched Iowa, some B1G and some Pac 12...
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    Warren Didn't Expect Backlash From Cancelling Football

    Its how it was handled and the complete lack of transparency that pisses everyone off. The B1Gs terrible leadership during this process is embarrassing and will have negative consequences for the conference. Warren has to be fired for this terrible leadership even if he is just taking marching...
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    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    Its typical from the left. Want them to vote but yet silence their voices on things that they may disagree with like playing football this fall. Also funny how a bunch of liberal college presidents working public jobs don't want any transparency with this decision and treat everyone like they're...
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    From The Washington Post

    You could basically say that about any industry we all work for. Big tech, oil, pharmaceutical, clothing and so on. We all work for pennies compared to what the exec's for these big corporations make every year. I guess the NCAA is just getting these kids ready for reality. That is if they dont...
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    Fields starts petition

    Outside of Wisconsin you have all the B1G powerhouse football programs and big money makers in your conference voting to play. Then you have 7 teams that have trouble filling their stadium seats and are middle level to bottom of the B1G in level of play. These 7 teams plus Wisconsin are all you...
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    Fields starts petition

    Everything I heard early on was the vote was 9-5 because rumor was Ohio St flipped. Over the last few days that rumor was cast into doubt. It is now widely believed the vote was 8-6. If that is the case choosing to cancel at the moment is bs. They should have delayed the start by a week to 2...