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  1. SoProudNole

    Trump Hate Rally 9/22

    From my front door I can see two of my neighbors’ yard signs, one Biden and one Trump. Guess which of those houses has white trash living in it and have had the cops show up more than once in the past year?
  2. SoProudNole

    Romney Sides With McConnell On SCOTUS

    Did the authors write their intent in the margins? How does one assess their intent without thinking?
  3. SoProudNole

    This is how bad Trump sucks at his job

    Does anyone with more than a few brain cells really doubt this is an accurate description of his "presidency"? Here's a snippet, but worth the full read. The message coming out of the Trump White House could not be more muddled. It has been this way all along. Many of Trump’s lies are a...
  4. SoProudNole

    Trump assassination attempt

    lol. But seriously, I’ll have a really hard time missing this shit stain when he’s gone.
  5. SoProudNole

    Trump Should Win The Noble Piece Prize

    Choke on a dildo.
  6. SoProudNole

    Perfect trump comment

    You’re a walking, breathing insult to humanity. Your parents should be gutted like fish for foisting you on the world.
  7. SoProudNole

    Should I stop posting on HROT?

    Didn’t see an option for “**** YOU” so writing it in here.
  8. SoProudNole

    Biden Campaign Holds Boat Parade But It's Just Biden Alone In A Paddleboat

    Biden alone in a paddle boat > 4 more years of Drumpf
  9. SoProudNole

    No One Loves Puerto Rico More than Drumpf

    LOL..... Drumpf to announce billions in aid to Puerto Rico. Smells like desperation...
  10. SoProudNole

    This CNBC/WHO Covid Video Reminds Me Of Political Propaganda

    That's because you're weapons grade stupid. No one's surprised by either.
  11. SoProudNole

    We went to Jared and here we are

  12. SoProudNole

    Disinfectant ‘inside the body’

    OP's glory days in his white coat
  13. SoProudNole

    Sleepy Joe and the Hoe

    This is the one that makes me laugh every time. And almost every single simpleton with that sign would GAURANTEE you that they can spot bullshit a mile away.
  14. SoProudNole

    Biden tonight

    No. He said that issuing a nationwide mandate to shelter at home for some period of time would be the worst abuse of taking someone’s freedom since slavery.
  15. SoProudNole

    Are re-education camps too far off?

    Good? What patriotic education do you see this commission working to get implemented? Be as specific as you can.
  16. SoProudNole

    Slayer Raining Blood on Jimmy Fallon

    Yeahhhh, no. That sucked sloppy nuts.
  17. SoProudNole

    Trump calls for stimulus payments and massive economic relief bill, upending Republicans’ more limited approach

    How do I know that Drumpf knows the Town Hall was a shit show?
  18. SoProudNole

    POLL: More Violence If Trump Wins or If Biden Wins?

    It's a Trump thing, not a right / left thing.