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    Andy Katz first power 36 for the 2020-2021 season

    Holy shit, guys, he knows. Lol
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    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

    So, did this weirdo used to post about normal stuff?
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    Bubbles For 27 Game Reg Season & Big Dance? Nov25 is Start Date(Not Nov10) w/ Season Completed by Early April. Beginning Sep21: 12 hrs/Wk Practice

    If we do have a vaccine approved in January or something, they better have March Madness with fans. At that point, it’s on you to shelter in place until you can get vaccinated if you are worried about contracting COVID. I’m sure there will be plenty of hysterical people screaming that we can’t...
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    Another vote on Friday?

    Illinois actually is a pretty good TV draw for how bad we are, and I imagine RU is, as well. The smallest TV draws in the conference are likely Northwestern and Indiana/Purdue (whoever is worse that year).
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    Another vote on Friday?

    God, it’d be embarrassing if we (Illinois) sat out. I know we’re no football juggernaut, but even WITH this additional recent spike, Champaign and Central Illinois in general (an area with a very good healthcare capacity and a population of about 2 million, a majority of which is in relatively...
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    OP, I live with a COVID nurse and am good friends with a doctor. You need to seriously get on some psychiatric meds. The purpose of experts is to PROVIDE INFORMATION BASED ON THEIR EXPERTISE. It is not to advise actual, specific policy that affects more than their specific discipline. You do...
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    Jack Trice news

    Why does this give you some type of actual entertainment and pleasure, you weirdo? Get a life.
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    We are a basketball school now, I hope.

    Herd immunity AND a vaccine could take years ... so if people don’t want to “return to normal” (and I’d say to do so fully would be foolish), then THEY need to articulate a plan for getting some form of normal back - not just critique plans they hear. And a “plan” is not delay until some...
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    IOWA a 2 Seed in Latest (August 10) ESPN Bracketology

    We’ll both be really good, and if we were a has-been recently (I wouldn’t disagree...), we aren’t anymore, my friend. You got that wake up call in the last college basketball game we all watched. :) Excited for this to continue to be a rivalry once again.
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    NCAA has Canceled ALL Fall Div I, II & III Sponsored Championships w/ Exception of FBS Football

    I’m skeptical this will happen given the narrative we see, but if we were being logical ... vaccinate the vulnerable and let everyone else take their chances until there’s a vaccine for them. I’m 28 and have already had it ... if there were an endless number of vaccines, sure, prick me lol...
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    NCAA extends policy banning championships where Confederate flag flown

    I’m a Republican and a patriot. BOTH should necessitate a hatred for the Confederacy.
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    Iowa has 6th Toughest Schedule in the Country

    It’s BS when these hot shots say Illinois has an easy schedule, we don’t even get to play ourselves! :P (I actually think we could be pretty decent this year, though.)
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    DePauls Coleman-Lands To Iowa State

    I would be surprised if he’s a difference maker. While at Illinois, he reminded me of - blast from the past - a faster Rich McBride who shot a bit worse. He could nail an open three, but he had trouble getting open and defending.
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    The Illinois enigma

    So many hot takes, haha. I live in Chicago, and even when we are bad (which is usual, though there have been precious few mentions that we were decent enough last year), there are absolutely more Illini fans than any other school here. It’s not about what shirt you choose to see during your...
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    NCAA Tournament Wins of Teams Who Have Never Been Champions

    I’m commenting from an Illini-biased perspective (don’t flame me!), but what’s really sad is that we have won two Tournament games since 2006 ... lol, 14 years ago, we would have been quite comfortable in first place. Not that that’s REALLY anything to be proud of. :( Shame this year was...
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    Bruce Herrald hopes by June 1 teams can meet/practice. ND students back on campus for Aug 10 classes

    Haha, wait, there are actually people who talk like this?? I thought you were just crazy strawmen that were so looney you couldn’t possibly be real. :) Guess you’re the kind of fruitcake he was hired to counterbalance!
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    BPI Simulated Tourney

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    Cancel the tournament

    That would be so unfair to the players, man.
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    It’s Official.. Empty Arenas

    There is now a 110% chance we (Illini) get sent to St. Louis. :mad::p
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    Showed toughness.. If we could rebound

    Garza is an amazing player, and he has my respect, but you guys are not alone in thinking your bigs don’t get the calls they deserve. Ask any other Big Ten fan base, and they’ll say Garza gets away with PLENTY. The refs aren’t out to get anyone.