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  1. bagdropper

    Your Most Despised College Football Team/Program.

    I don't really "hate" any other program, but I sure do loathe... Northwestern - just hate playing them in football due to their ability to ruin seasons for Iowa. Wisconsin - the west's Death Star. Minnesota - because of their fans' irrational hatred of all things Iowa. Nebraska - message board...
  2. bagdropper

    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    Oh for crap's sake. I simply cannot believe the silliness that goes on in this country, and for that matter with this board. Crazy, spineless, idiotic.
  3. bagdropper

    Husker whining

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  4. bagdropper

    ******OFFICIAL 2020-21 FISHING THREAD******

    Words cannot describe how frustrating my results were yesterday and just now. Not one fish landed, only 1 strike yesterday that spit the lure out. The lady at the bait shop said all this past week was terribly slow for everybody. She said when the week prior rain ended, so did the bite. What I...
  5. bagdropper

    Other than a Trump rally or casino, what are the top places to get COVID?

    Assume it is everywhere. I went to a small town grocery store yesterday afternoon. Guttenberg, IA. About 4pm. Inside, there were roughly 20 or so customers, maybe 8 employees. NOT ONE customer was masked up. All the employees except one were unmasked. I walk in with a mask and for the most...
  6. bagdropper

    Flu shot

    Ever since flu shots became a thing, I've gotten them every year. Never had any side effects. I've also never gotten the flu. Must be lucky I guess.
  7. bagdropper

    Football schedule release thread

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  8. bagdropper

    PSA regarding Directv Sunday Ticket

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  9. bagdropper

    Johnston Hy-Vee is NOT going to be 100% self checkout after all!

    I actually prefer self checkout. Much faster. Granted, I never actually buy a cart full of groceries either. But still...I have my system down pat when it comes to order of scanning and sacking, etc...I crank it out fast.
  10. bagdropper

    Which Rocky Movie?

    Kinda my view. Original was very good - with the caveat that I am not a fan of sports movies in general. 2nd was...meh - the original magic just wasn't there. I have never watched a single second of any iteration/offshoot since. And even though I have the original in my collection, I honestly...
  11. bagdropper

    James Marshall Hendrix

    Just scratching the surface of what he could have become. Eric Clapton said in "A Film About Jimi Hendrix" that he felt Jimi simply "couldn't keep up" with what his life had become. I interpret that to mean...the pace Jimi put on back then to perform, record, etc to make good on the various...
  12. bagdropper

    -Notes from Football Press Conference with Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz-

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  13. bagdropper

    Big Ten got it right...

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  14. bagdropper

    Is this Heaven?

    This is exactly my weekend plan (fishing, should be near perfect conditions). Unfortunately I am also fighting allergies (I got them bad at the moment). The weekend I wait for the entire calendar year, and I feel miserable at the moment.
  15. bagdropper

    Where Will 2021 Iowa- Iowa State Game Be Played?

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  16. bagdropper

    Potential Schedule

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  17. bagdropper

    Ernst / Greenfield

    I heard one about Greenfield today that she supports some oddball plan that if enacted, gas would wind up being $13/gallon. I was drinking coffee at the time. It darn near wound up on my windshield.
  18. bagdropper

    Some hope for the return of Big Ten football sooner rather than later

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  19. bagdropper

    Who else gets lost in Google Maps?

    I now use satellite view to find backwaters on the Mississippi for potential fishing spots. Have to pay attention to the time of year (leaves versus no leaves, etc) and whether beaches on the channel are exposed to know if what I see is actually accessible. Found a pond last year that yielded...
  20. bagdropper

    table nachos

    Every Xmas, we have a pizza pan of these, though not as grandiose. It is the one Xmas food staple we've had every Xmas for over 30 years now. No chips on the pan, half sour cream/cream cheese base, salsa, lettuce, jalepenos, shredded cheese. Walk up to the table, grab a chip, take a dip, eat.