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    National Championship Iowa chances

    With a shortened schedule, playing a tough schedule with Ohio State scheduled gives Iowa a chance to get in the playoffs, if Iowa is lucky and how good Iowa will be is anybodys guess. However, I like our chances much better than Matt Campbell's Iowa State.
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    Am Ready for Football and Ed Podolak and Gary Dolphin

    Tired of no sports. Can't go to all the games so we are lucky we have such a good team announcing our games.
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    1986 Rose Bowl

    Iowa handled this well. Don't air your dirty laundry in public, and let sleeping dogs lay. Would not have got to the Rose Bowl without Ronnie Harmon. What a thrill it was that year to see Iowa NO. 1 in the polls, so what really hurt was when Ohio State beat us in a thunderstorm.
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    Players’ explanations for Rose Bowl loss?

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    Lawsuit against NCAA alleges sexual misconduct by Neb and MSU FB players

    Correct, can't predict behavior
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    Nate Stanley scores highest Wonderlic of QB’s

    Nate one of the best quarterbacks in Iowa history, regardless of Wonderlic. 3 wins over ISU, Nebraska, 3 Bowl wins says it all.
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    Joe weiskamp

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    Some, maybe most high school students, want to get away from their hometown. Bollers should not be criticized for not coming to Iowa
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    Keith Duncan Consensus All American Portrait

    Never get tired of watching Keith's kicks against # 2 Michigan and Frosty's Nebraska Cornhuskers. Why was Frosty screaming at the Refs when the kick went right down the middle. Stuart has to be proud of his All American son.
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    Dakich goes on 5 min on-air rant, says HS player is a methhead & town is full of meth, AIDS &needles

    Dakich comments on Woody and the high school are bad, maybe he is trying to be another Bobby Knight in the bully pulpit,, but he is one of the few basketball announcers that talk all the time that are entertaining.
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    Kansas voted # 1 for 2019-2020 AP

    Isaiah Moss transfer worked out good for him. Don't know if the AP # 1 will be regarded as a National Championship like football did before BCS era, probably only in Kansas.
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    Michigan sexual assaults - SIAP

    Big Brother Michigan can no longer be critical of the goings on of their Little Brothers at Michigan State.
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    Recounting the Ferentz hire - available on the Athletic for non-subscribers today only

    Thankyou for posting facts on the mysterious withdrawal of Bob Stoops. The longer it dragged out I felt it would not happen. Could not figure out why Bobby Stoops won only 1 national title as good as he was.
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    Mistake Cancelling Big Ten Tournament

    I remember when polio hit my small town and neighbors died or were crippled. Everybody was scared, but kids went to school and people did not panic and carried on. The influenza virus killed millions in 1915 and is still around and we call it the flu, and the coronavirus will be around for...
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    Mistake Cancelling Big Ten Tournament

    From reports, the virus does not attack young people. Although they needed to do was put out a warning that come at your own risk if you over 70. Cancelling everything puts out a bad message to young people, when there is risk hide under a closet. Booked a cruise and the cruise line said...
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    Geno Stone 40 4.65 ...Xavier McKinney 4.64.....DB combine numbers

    I read Geno Stone allowed fewer yards on passes in his zone than any other players in college football. He is a ballplayer, especially when so NFL players don;t want to tackle or can't with limited practice
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    Mark Dantonio

    Watched the press conference of his successor Mel Tucker. I was very impressed by the atmosphere of the press . Mel Tucker met his wife there, and was glad to get back to Michigan State. Tom Izzo gave a good speech and about ten coaches from other sports attended. After all the bad...
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    Different Directions Since 2015 Big Ten Championship Iowa Michigan State

    Whatever happened to Michigan State after beating Iowa in the Big Ten Championship and earning a berth in the college football playoffs. After going to the college football playoffs, Michigan State as sunk and Iowa has been progressing upwards. Michigan State as far as I know could have...
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    Good luck on signing day

    Congradulations on the Gamecocks getting the 4th highest rated recruit
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    Comments By Dantonio That Over Burdened With Recruiting & Other

    Dantonio was candid in his press conference. The new recruiting rules made too much time and the other administrative duties piled on so he had no time for his family. After listening to him, I think they need to make rules that there is no recruiting for an extended period to give these...