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  1. MeetTheFerentz

    Former DeVos chief of staff does the right thing

    This election is going to be so fun. I can't wait.
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    Biden completely destroys Pledge of Allegiance.

    The video itself is misinformation, edited for the sole purpose of making someone look confused when he wasn't, and your editorial supported this fallacy; therefore, your entire post was inaccurate. Are you really that stupid and obtuse? You were caught and called out...period. Check your...
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    Tuesday Practice Photos

    The team chemistry looks to be off the charts...
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    McConnell Gets Key Vote Locked In For Justice

    4 consecutive sentences that are 100% false. Impressive.
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    Abilene Christian

    OH. For some reason only has them listed for 3 games. That makes me feel better for PM now. Hopefully all of their games will get played.
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    McConnell Gets Key Vote Locked In For Justice

    All the sh&t Trump and the GOP have pulled over the past 4 years, starting with the Garland fiasco, and you call potential Dem Court Packing as the tipping point? Good God. GOP Speaker of the House Thomas Brackett Reed once famously said "The best system is to have one party govern and the...
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    Why is Trump so desperate to ram in his pick before the election?

    If McConnell & Co. pull the shenanigans of pushing through a SCOTUS justice a matter of weeks before an election that Trump is bound to lose, you can rest assured that there will be fighting back starting in January. P*ssing off a party that is a matter of months away from having full control...
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    Ashley Hinson promises 'dose of Iowa common sense' in first ad of campaign

    The folks in Trad's neighborhood probably averages 75-80 years old like everywhere in Florida. I'm sure just about any young blonde snatch looks good to him.
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    McConnell Gets Key Vote Locked In For Justice

    Just giving fair warning. Dems are not known for playing dirty like Cons are, but you'd certainly be asking for it. Your party is a dying breed. Gotta go sometime. This could be it. They'll build a GOP Museum right next to the Texas Cotton Gin Museum. They'll have statues of Orange Turd and...
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    If I were a Senate Republican with a Dem governor, I would be begging McConnell not to bring a vote...

    I like how you say "I could be wrong, just my take" in your post, I give a counterpoint, and you respond with "Wel [sic] you're wrong." Don't you find that funny? I'd say the fundraising that has occurred the past 3 days for the Dems supports my take a lot more than it supports yours. Doesn't...
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    Trump to announce 11 Billion in relief aide for Puerto Rico

    You are seriously mentally handicapped.
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    McConnell Gets Key Vote Locked In For Justice

    Make your movie, Mitchy boy. Is this one "win" worth it to you and the GOP? In 4 months the Dems will have full control. Consider: 1) SCOTUS having number of Justices increased to 15 or more and packed by Biden with a bunch of young liberals. 2) D.C. and Puerto Rico as States #51 and #52. 3)...
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    Payroll Tax Deferral

    A lot has happened the past 15 years...
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    Rankings With Late Start

  15. MeetTheFerentz

    I'm not saying Stanley should ever see the field....

    He and Vikings deserve each other.
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    Payroll Tax Deferral

    Don't know what your friend's income is, but after you reach $137,700 for the calendar year, you've reached your maximum for SS withholding, and only Medicare withholding continues after that. Wanted to make sure it wasn't as simple as that.
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    OT: Cowboys-Falcons

    Did you just arrive in your DeLorean with your #8 Troy Aikman jersey on? Did you bring Tommie Frazier with you?
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    OT: Cowboys-Falcons

    Hate the Cowboys, but find major f-ups in sports to be extremely funny. 5 Falcon players stand around and watch an onside kick slowly spin to 10 yards and allow Cowboys to recover and get game-winning drive. LOL
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    Rankings With Late Start

    Just giving another perspective. I've never heard so much complaining about a football season being saved, so trying to find some positives. For the past week everyone on this board is trying to convince me that I need to be pissed off; I'm sorry that I refuse to be.