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  1. 95Hawk

    Trump Claims

    10) delivered to vets the Veterans' Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014. Which is pretty amazing since Obama was the president in 2014.
  2. 95Hawk

    Trump Hate Rally 9-21 Highlights

    Increasing the national debt by $6.6B shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. That’s a hell of a feat. Now in 2016, he did say that he’d eliminate it altogether in 8 years. Maybe we should give him another 4?
  3. 95Hawk

    Senate has just 8 working days to confirm before the election

    But the Senate can’t be troubled to debate and vote on COVID relief funding. Priorities. It’s all about them priorities.
  4. 95Hawk

    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    Dude: Graham won by 16.5% in his 2014 senate campaign. Trump won by 14.2% in South Carolina in the 2016 presidential election. You’ve just provided polls that show an extremely close race in S.C. this time around. Your ability to self-own is astonishing, yet not surprising.
  5. 95Hawk

    GOP candidate tries to take on AOC, has now learned a valuable lesson in choosing your battles

    These House candidates who make AOC their target are doing a disservice to their own campaigns. AOC is one of 435 Representatives. With their focus on her, they elevate her far above her stature and make themselves look foolish. I get that it’s 2020 and these “hot takes” are now what we can...
  6. 95Hawk

    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    A Morning Consult poll added today has Graham +1. A Quinnipac University poll on 9/16 had the race even. Obviously the margin of error is in play here but it’s a tight race. Graham is not going to be doing himself any favors by being the face of a quick nomination process. I want to see him...
  7. 95Hawk

    Florida Gov De Whiner trying to shit all over 1st Amendment

    The Bill of Rights weren’t even considered in the original draft of the Constitution. Those are just pesky guidelines. They can be ignored. He’s clearly a strict constitutionalist with his hot take.
  8. 95Hawk

    I admit I am a bad person.....

    Did he think Trump was at the podium and quickly went to his knees? Honest mistake.
  9. 95Hawk

    The unanswered question of our time: Is Trump an agent of Russia?

    Agent? Maybe not. Useful idiot? For sure.
  10. 95Hawk

    Travel Observations. From southern Indiana and southern Ohio

    Robert E Lee was a great know? He told his troops not the fight uphill at Gettysburg but they ignored his text messages. The only reason Trump isn’t the current President of the CSA today is because of those losers. Anyway, please enjoy the history. You know that they say: those...
  11. 95Hawk

    New Poll: Suburban Women Will Not Vote For Trump (Women most influential voting bloc this election)

    Meanwhile, the typical Trump supporter gets absolutely stepped on and maligned by Trump and his policies. Has there been a bigger block of voters who opt to vote to their detriment? Feelings? Trump takes a dump on not only their feelings but their very existence.
  12. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    Really? I’d love to hear the facts. Keep in mind that Biden is currently a former Vice President. These “crimes” took place when?
  13. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    Trump is no different from a mob boss. If you want to believe that his behaviors represent what is best for the majority of Americans as opposed to what is best for him, that’s certainly your right.
  14. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    1) Trump solicited the help of Ukraine to provide damaging narratives of political opponents. Specifically: Joe Biden. 2) Trump blocked but later released payment of a congressionally mandated $400 million military aid package to allegedly obtain quid pro quo cooperation from the president of...
  15. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    Abuse of Power Obstruction of Congress. Pretty cut and dry and clear as day.
  16. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    Trump committed impeachable offenses and was, indeed, impeached. Republicans voted party over country and did not convict. It still stands that Trump committed impeachable offenses and has continued to abuse the office of the president. If “law and order” Republicans are content to shield the...
  17. 95Hawk

    So We're Going To Impeach A President Due To Judicial Appointments?

    It’s not like Pelosi has to dig real hard to come up with new, impeachable offenses for the Turd.
  18. 95Hawk

    ****Official Trubisky gonna steamroll the NFL Bears vs Giants edition****

    A Mitchell-led Bears team needs to be watched just as you would an NBA game. Turn it on early in the fourth quarter and watch the fireworks. The other 3 quarters are hot, steaming garbage. With apologies to the hot, steaming garbage.
  19. 95Hawk

    Amy Comey Barrett

    You’re a reasonable poster, Hoosier. Wish there were more like you.
  20. 95Hawk

    Amy Comey Barrett

    She specifically addressed whether judges of the Catholic faith should recuse themselves from cases involving the death penalty in 2017. Barrett was asked how she would apply that same standard to judges who believe abortion is “always immoral.” Barrett said she’s never analyzed that question...