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    96.3 mph. Wow.

    Location Location Location
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    COVID-19 Thread
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    CowboyUp does it again

    I made a small donation. I wish it was more but all I could handle at this time. Thanks for all you do for the kids!
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    Culture Change was Directed to the entire state of Iowa....

    He stood so he could get a better view of Nancy’s a##!
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    Coaches and COVID-19 [UPDATE 9/19: FSU head coach diagnosed]

    I agree with most of what you say. Many young people who have it are not showing any symptoms. That’s the only part that bothers me. I don’t want to live in a bubble and I won’t, but there are risk I can avoid!
  6. Wadukester

    Coaches and COVID-19 [UPDATE 9/19: FSU head coach diagnosed]

    I’m soon to be 65. Pretty healthy with very few issues. HS softball starts in Iowa June 1st. I’m a volunteer coach that helps at all the practices and I not sure if I should continue. Pretty hard to social distance for a coach!
  7. Wadukester

    Payton Sandfort

    Payton has a nose for the ball. Quick release and handles the ball well. Elevates nicely on his jumper and seems to work his way open! Led his team in rebounding. I think this kid would be a really good get. I’d love to see some film of his defense.
  8. Wadukester

    HWC - Women kicked off the team

    I think the only mistake Brands made was hiring Perry in the first place. Liked to party with the wrestlers and didn’t work as hard as he should have. Welcome to Daniel Dennis!
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    New Story ***Arland Bruce commits to Iowa***

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    Old dominion

    Sad news. Probably won’t be the last!
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    Keegan Murray Highlights

    I wonder how old #1 is?
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    New Story Ankeny WR Brody Brecht narrows it down to two

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    Breaking: NCAAs cancelled

    PSU conspiracy!
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    Hawkeye NATION can help a Hawkeye win the Sullivan award.... Vote, it's only open a few days

    I was able to vote on both cell phone and iPad!
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    ***Big Ten Tournament Session III***

    BTN+ says 11 eastern, 10 central!
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    So....Wilcke or Assad?

    What paywall are you referring to? If it’s the lounge you’re talking about, there isn’t any wrestling news there!
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    Military appreciation night

    Special shoutout to my nephew serving in Afganastan! He sent us a text during the Minnesota dual letting us know that he and Sargent Matt Brown were watching and spotted us in our seats. He’s a lifelong Hawk fan and streams the meets wherever he’s stationed. Thanks to all of our service men and...
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    Pemsl arrested

    I’d be surprised if it’s not seriously considered!
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    Michigan State Play by Play

    Anybody else think the BTN Plus announcers sucked? I turned the sound off halfway through!
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    Tom needs to control the Iowa Bench

    Anybody see Gable going off on the official last nigh after the Marinelli match? I wish I could have heard what he was saying. He was definitely pissed!