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    Ben Sasse To Write B1G Presidents

    And all twelve of those games will be sold out.
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    WIRFS SIGNS The deal is fully guaranteed and worth $16.23 million over four years,

    I think he made the right decision to leave early
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    A video that y'all might enjoy from SEC Land

    That was funny, made my day.
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    KF has coached last game per Lincoln journal star

    Fake way Kirk retires and his boss isn’t at the PC.
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    KF in person press conference Friday 6-12 at 2pm

    I’m still grappling with the BF Doyle linkage. Every player that has raised concern has mentioned Doyle but only a handful around BF. I don’t read every tweet and article there seems to be a different pattern.
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    who is at the top of your list for head coach?

    There are only 2 scenarios that Kirk isn’t the coach 1) a lot more comes out and he knew a lot more than leading on 2) more comes out on Brian and Brian is fired/ask to resign...Kirk says if he goes I go too. In either scenario I think it’s either someone on staff (not Brian) or Bob Stoops.
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    BTN Iowa Watch

    Sweet. Prime time.
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    This is awesome.

    I agree format was good. But how much of the ratings were a result of no other live sports and nothing else to do besides sit in your house.
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    NFL draft thread

    I guess the good news about him Falling is TW will be on a good team.
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    Single most exciting play in Ferentz era

    These are all great options. For me it’s CJ Jones, bigger game than the Capital One. Being there in with 90% hawk fans, right after a full day of tailgating, the upper deck of the Orange Bowl was shaking so much it felt like an earthquake was happening.
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    Of course ESPN has us out in the first round

    Oh well. It doesn’t matter so I’m not going to get worked up about it.
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    Should the NCAA release the bracket?

    An idea... why not a preseason tournament next year with all the teams is the proposed bracket. yes it’s a year later but it would probably create some excitement.
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    Preparing myself to be pissed off.

    When do they vote on POY. As Dayton faces power 5 teams, Obi May come back to earth
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    ****Purdue @ Iowa Game Thread****

    Should be running ladders tomorrow at basketball. It’s all about effort.
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    ****Purdue @ Iowa Game Thread****

    Poop game all around. Yes the refs are brutal but we aren’t helping ourselves. Garza getting outworked on the boards Connor 2 TOs (uncharacteristically) Weezy looks like a deer in headlights Joe/Bakari not helping CJ disappeared after hitting a couple of early buckets
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    ****Purdue @ Iowa Game Thread****

    close but you forgot the last Purdue game
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    ****Purdue @ Iowa Game Thread****

    Time to ditch the zone
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    ****Purdue @ Iowa Game Thread****

    this is a constant theme all year long
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    Riley Till was part of Senior Night. Pemsl Transferring. We are now at 13 on Scholarship for 2020-21

    not true. It’s a year to year thing. Obviously most kids once on scholarship stay on.