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  1. ThamesHawk

    **** EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga 2020-21 Thread ****

    No kidding. This could be a very surprising result.
  2. ThamesHawk

    **** EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga 2020-21 Thread ****

    Pretty exciting match so far.
  3. ThamesHawk

    **** EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga 2020-21 Thread ****

    I wouldn’t judge a possible relegation for them based on that game alone. That was a tough match for them and they knew it. Probably expected to lose. Parker summed it up well saying there are just some matches they’re gonna lose but they just can’t let it get to them to the point where they’ve...
  4. ThamesHawk

    HROT Fantasy Football

  5. ThamesHawk

    What's going on here?

    Sick dance moves is what
  6. ThamesHawk

    My three top songs of all time:

    Mine changes sometimes but Baba O’Riley is always on the list.
  7. ThamesHawk

    HROT Fantasy Football

    Any spots open?
  8. ThamesHawk

    Simple tasks you can’t seem to master......

    People on HROT are bad at spelling?? I’m shocked I tell you! Shocked!
  9. ThamesHawk

    New Board Layout Coming?

    Been mia for a few weeks and I hop back on to this BS. This layout freakin sucks.
  10. ThamesHawk

    Only in West Virginia

  11. ThamesHawk

    To be fair.. they were uber annoying

  12. ThamesHawk

    In a world where you can put a GIF on your tombstone... whattya got?

    So say you could put a GIF on your tombstone.. what's HROT putting on theirs? I didn't put too much thought into this but want to see what you guys would do..
  13. ThamesHawk

    *****Official '19-'20 EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc. Thread*****

    @Menace Sockeyes got your promotion
  14. ThamesHawk

    New Sam Adams commercial

    Gave me a chuckle.
  15. ThamesHawk

    New Oreo Flavors

    Absolutely wood.
  16. ThamesHawk

    Hulu Live vs. Youtube TV

    I've tried both and yttv is far superior and cheaper when you add the add'l 200 DVR hours on Hulu, which still doesn't match yttv's unlimited DVR.
  17. ThamesHawk

    Second day MLB watching & drinking thread

    Lots of games on tonight boys. Whatcha watching, whatcha drinking?
  18. ThamesHawk

    Two cars for the rest of your life... Go!

    Let's assume money is no object and the cars have no issues for the remainder of your life. I'd want a fun car for the weekends. Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and an everyday car. GMC Sierra 1500. Whattya got HROT?