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  1. hawkosx

    Where are the lawsuits...?

    really weak
  2. hawkosx

    CDC no longer recommends asymptomatic testing

    Growing up with aspirations to be in the health field, CDC’s words might as well be God’s words but over the past 5 months, I’ve found my own judgement to be much more reliable. This one doesn’t pass the smell test to me. But if it does, then yes, it means let’s play ball!
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    Hawk hater changing my tune

    Considering how most people in the country think Iowa and ISU are one and the same anyway, I don’t root against the Clones, lol.
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    Oliver Martin to Nebraska

    Did you really see this?
  5. hawkosx

    Yep. Masks WORK

    It’s really simple guys. 1. Masks work 2. But the quality of masks matter
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    George Floyd arrest body cam videos out

    Everyone thought it, but you’re the only one to say it. I’m not sure if I should commend you for your bravery or scold you for your insensitivity.
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    Israel Reopened Schools When Covid Subsided. It Didn’t Go Well.

    Just read the article. Looks like the spread happened when they decided the weather is too hot and masks were no longer required and all the windows were purposely closed. Lack of common sense there. And when, when are people going to start trying negative pressure fans like I’ve been pushing...
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    George Floyd arrest body cam videos out

    Honest question: I know that’s not what you are saying here, but do you believe less cops equals less violent crimes?
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    Bradykinin - supercomputers identify new treatment pathways for Covid

    I going to bump this for the doom and gloom/“ it is what it is” crowd to understand that there are many things we can still do to beat this virus. On a side note, I hope people will start to understand that to a certain extent, we need the drug makers and their researchers( not the insurance...
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    First real answer, and thank you. Overall I’m guessing you are correct. Considering that it is such an important topic to the BLM movement, probably would have been more effective to use an established and existing word so people can be less “ ignorant” about it.
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    You got the hang of it!
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    10 years ago, ah, so I was right to think it is a new word!
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    You woke up when? You woke up too late for work! My alarm clock woke me up. You woke up from a nightmare. I woke up and had coffee. And of course: I woke from unconsciousness two hours after someone punched me for not understanding what “woke” means. Can someone ENLIGHTEN or EDUCATE me, and...
  14. hawkosx

    Teachers protesting school openings are saying, "We're not essential."

    So you are correct and multiple studies and conclusions of researchers are wrong because it’s starting to spread in Georgia? And the spread in GA is undoubtedly due solely to schools reopening?
  15. hawkosx

    Teachers protesting school openings are saying, "We're not essential."

    have yo read this and other articles and multiple studies if you get the chance. Kids are very unlikely to spread this infection. Teachers are much much safer and better off than other workers, essential or not. It’s time to get back to work. Even the Pediatricians have said it before the WHO...
  16. hawkosx

    Bradykinin - supercomputers identify new treatment pathways for Covid

    Good work Joe. This is awesome news and like you said, any response from our useless COVID-19 Task Force yet?
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    ****Official Garza Decision and Reaction Thread****

    My all time favorite hawk basketball player all the sudden
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    As difficult as it is to have sports as it stands due to the pandemic, this would be a guarantee that the PAC12 will not have one. Good luck getting to an agreement in the next few weeks!
  19. hawkosx

    The “Iowa Way”

    Truly disgusting if this is true. This is one of my fears as BLM continues to push It’s agenda relentlessly. They say it’s about police brutality and racism but their actions as an organization if left unchecked can have far reaching ramifications, not all for the good.
  20. hawkosx

    KF basically calls Wadley a liar. "Some of the things were just flat-out not true." Now what?

    lol Justhawk. You’re pro an organization that directly or indirectly promote looting and for “children to be raised by the village” rather than their own parents. I know, I’m ignorant for saying those things right? Facts can hurt sometimes.