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  1. hawkeyetraveler

    As rich nations struggle, Africa’s virus response is praised

    I have not had time to look up the demographics, but my hypothesis is that age distribution accounts for a major portion of the difference. Sadly, people in Africa die younger on average, so I suspect you do not have as many 65+ year olds as a percentage of the population.
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    WGN NewsNation Presidential debate

    I have been watching News Nation. It has an old school news vibe...more like the news of the 1980s. I hope that it sticks around, it is nice to just get the news without the opinions. Not that opinions are bad, I just prefer to consume them on HROT.
  3. hawkeyetraveler

    Video of the Hysterical Left Secretly Recorded by Mitch

    You thought it was funny to post a video of a distraught adolescent teenager (who is most likely a minor) in his underwear? Honestly you should delete is unbecoming. Take a lap.
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    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    Where did I say there are not corrupt democrats? Of course there are. Hell, I live in Illinois - we have graduate level classes in the art of corruption in both parties. That said, what Trump and his senate cronies are doing is simply unprecedented on the national scale. I, and many many other...
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    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    I am not a dem... ...but I have donated to multiple Dem campaigns In the last few days. This hypocrisy and corruption must be addressed.
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    So What's The Response When Trump Nominates And They're Confirmed?

    I stand corrected...turns out only a small percentage have to pay federal taxes. Well as I said upfront...I am often wrong. That is the one thing I am always right about,
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    Is the USA a great country?

    You do realize that people can love something, but see a significant opportunity for improvement right? It does not make them less of a person or less of a citizen to want improvement. I love Hawkeye Basketball...I loved the players under Coach Lickliter...that does not mean I thought it was...
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    Is the USA a great country?

    Ooh love it or leave it eh...clever response. It makes no sense for me to move. I am a reasonably affluent middle aged white male with a graduate degree who owns a technology company. America’s institutions are literally designed for me. Why is it so offensive for me to wish that the table was...
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    Is the USA a great country?

    I agree for white collar upper middle class and above workers...I was one (have been an executive at both US and EU companies prior to founding my own company). The USA is likely the greatest country on earth for white collar workers. But that is a smallish fraction of the population and we have...
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    Is the USA a great country?

    From talking to colleagues and friends in Europe I really don't think this is true anymore - although I believe it once was. As an example, I think Germany would be significantly better for skilled blue collar workers. Better healthcare coverage, better benefits, better social assistance if the...
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    Is the USA a great country?

    Having spent a considerable portion of my adult life traveling internationally for business I voted good, not great. Our raw ingredients are outstanding. Some of the best land on earth, great scenery, natural resources, etc. Our diversity has contributed to some of the greatest scientific and...
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    Dammit. I did not think that are right. And here I was padding* myself on the back for junior high level cleverness. * thus proving I can do a legit WOB
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    Pop and Sir Cum’s stance
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    On July 17, 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Announced She Had Cancer Again. It's pretty obvious Now that she should have Stepped Down in July or Even Sooner

    She could have enjoyed the last few months with family and friends. Instead, RBG was a patriot who gave the last measure of her life attempting to hold the seat from DJT through the election. I sometimes disagreed with her opinions, but she was all class fighting bravely against both a deadly...
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    Why is Trump so desperate to ram in his pick before the election?

    One would think that with your mom’s expertise you would have a greater appreciation for “blow’s” many forms. Why should we take your logic seriously with this level of basic deficiency? Any of the following could have been used: If she blew, Obama could have... She could have blown... The...
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    So What's The Response When Trump Nominates And They're Confirmed?

    tl;dr my best guess (although I am often wrong): a major dem win in November despite more protests and riots. This leads to expansion of the court and 2 new states. Republicans will fire back eventually but it will be at least 2025 before they have enough firepower. ———————— Pre-election More...
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    Do You Use A Tire Gauge When Airing Tires?

    I don’t trust censors either...especially overweight ones...always trying to limit my free speech.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died from Cancer at 87. Sorry, Mitch, but Whoever Wins in November MUST Nominate her Replacement

    I have seen this sentiment everywhere. “The left would do it, so it’s justified for the right to do it”. Only the left has not done it up to this point. The right seems to have indignation over a mythical behavior that they project on the left. This is not moral. It is not fair play. It does...