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    Big 12 Next?

    Alright, forget the "testing. " The U.S. - one more time - with 4% of the world's population has nearly 23% of the total world deaths. Of course it was a "hoax" from the very beginning and would be gone by the summer. And BTW, the recent talk has not been the U.S banning EU travelers but the...
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    B10 Betrayal

    As I mentioned on another thread, I'm extremely disappointed and crushed. But the real betrayal - the a-holes still refusing to wear a mask and think that it's all a hoax. Or it's no more severe the the flu. The U.S. represents approximately 4% of the total world population and yet accounts for...
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    Big 12 Next?

    I understand and agree with what you're saying and like everyone else, I'm extremely disappointed. But all in takes is a death or two for everything to blow up. It's being reported by the B1G that they consulted medical and legal opinions before making this decision. And, considering that the...
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    Big 12 Next?

    I think we're all VERY disappointed but the real story will be what happens if a few student athletes get sick and possibly die on teams and leagues that choose to play. Will there be legal issues. Yes, I realize athletes die every year from other things but this is a different circumstance and...
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    Ohio State caps attendance at 20%

    My guess is that this will be somewhere around the standard for most programs at the start of the year
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    From BWI board.........something we always knew.

    A little misleading as OSU and Alabama have always - or so it seems - been ranked in the top 2 or 3 year after year for at least 10 to 15 years but never have more than 2 losses at most in a season and still finish around the top 5 even in their "disaster" 2-loss years. The one that caught my...
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    If the NCAA & NFL football seasons get canceled next fall I predict civil unrest.

    Only if we figure out a fix / vaccine for it. Look what's going on throughout the rest of the world right now. Just too many unknowns about this thing. Hope you're right though
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    Agree 100%. He's at the very bottom of my list - college football or basketball. I don't know how any parent would even think about letting their kid play for that a-hole. Simply a lunatic.
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    Combine invites by conference

    And OSU have 4 returning next year that they expected to declare this year: Wade, Browning, Davis and Myer. Not good. If you think they had a dominating OL last year, next year's will be off the charts.
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    A look at Class of 2021 offers per school

    Found it interesting that most of the powerhouse recruiting schools were at 150 offers (Alabama) or less. They must have a good feel for who they really have a shot at.
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    OSU more trouble

    Day just dismissed them both from the team. He got rid of 4/5 star RB Snead immediately after accusations last year. Doesn't seem lax and letting stuff slip by like some of his predecessors. Riep had a chance of starting in 2020 and threw it all away. What a dumbass.
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    49ers DEs

    To add, per Pro Football Focus, Bosa had 12 pressures last night which is the most ever in a Super Bowl and that was with 2 KC players trying to block him at times
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    OBJ is a wanted man in Louisiana

    Really nothing but it sure takes away from one of their finest hours. But it does prove what many knew all along - OBJ is a total idiot.
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    2020 B10 West Favorite?

    Gotta go with Wisconsin in the West and OSU in the East.
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    tOSU v Clemson

    Agree, the better team shot themselves in the foot all night long. Had over 500 yards and just gave the game away.
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    2 and done.
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    Big Ten Chances in Bowls ((not ))

    The game I'd stay away from right now is the OSU-Clemson game. The key to this game is Fields' strained left knee. Ryan Day said today in his press conference that they expect it to heal up close to 100% - if not 100% - with the 3 weeks off. If that's the case and Fields is able to run again...
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    Chase Young should not be eligible for the Heisman

    Actually, Burrow, Fields and Hurts are all transfers and all three transferred from powerhouse programs to powerhouse programs. The transfer portal is just another phase of recruiting where the rich get richer.
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    Chase Young should not be eligible for the Heisman

    Some will disagree with this, but I would take JK Dobbins over Taylor. Dobbins showed up big-time in every big game OSU had this year - including the last three juggernauts in a row - PSU, UM, and Wisconsin. That kid was huge. Awards should be based on how players preform in the big games and...
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    ESPN list is B.S.

    I stopped when I got to Urban Meyer at #46. That's beyond insane if it's based on accomplishments on the field. 187-32 and 3 NCs. OK, whatever. Most of these type of lists have him in the top 10 to 15.