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  1. chodehawk

    Projected Starters Week 1.

    I'm picking Belton to really break out this year. While seemingly staying under the radar, I thought he played super physical as a freshman last year and we can only expect to see more of that as he develops.
  2. chodehawk

    We're Back Baby Chapter 2

    Meanwhile, Warren continues hiding in his basement, crafting his voter registration initiative.
  3. chodehawk

    Story: Bucs Teammates believe Tristan Wirfs is the Real Deal. Today its Tristan Wirfs vs Cam Jordan

    I watched it a few times - He had his man locked down and the guy that blocked it slipped through the gap. While he did try to chip the man, it was definitely not his guy.
  4. chodehawk

    Story: Bucs Teammates believe Tristan Wirfs is the Real Deal. Today its Tristan Wirfs vs Cam Jordan

    For those not watching, Tristan has looked extra solid so far. He's basically been flawless as far as I can tell.
  5. chodehawk

    Iowa State and Louisiana cleared to play

    Love watching these clowns getting kicked right in their balloon knots.
  6. chodehawk

    B10 Restart Update (Wed)...confirmed source in this thread...

    The cancelling of BIG football is the single most idiotic thing I've ever seen in my life. It's purely a political move and anyone who thinks it is doing a lick of good in regards to protecting lives from COVID is just plain stupid. Add in the unprincipled and deceitful manner in which the Big...
  7. chodehawk

    College team cancels season - athlete dies of covid complications

    Aristotle is going to jack off to this story.
  8. chodehawk

    Most Racist Thing You've Heard or Seen

    I've seen a good handful of videos featuring white people being physically assaulted by BLM supporters these last few months.
  9. chodehawk


    They said this is the first time Navy has done any tackling whatsoever due to COVID - They have not had a single contact practice up to this point and so far it's showing - the BYU running game is absolutely smacking them.
  10. chodehawk


    You racist bastard. Just kidding, doesn't look like it, buddy. It's basically all they are talking about pre-game
  11. chodehawk

    Trump orders Stars & Stripes

    Military men and women of all ranks from all branches of the military here at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa disagree with you. Excellent polls though.
  12. chodehawk

    Trump orders Stars & Stripes

    Anyone who believes majority of military opposes Trump is an absolute dumbass.
  13. chodehawk

    No vote happening

    The has been an absolute shit show from the beginning and there is no other way to slice it. There has been conflicting stories on every different aspect of the situation and it's making the BIG look more pathetic by the day.
  14. chodehawk

    Another vote on Friday?

    Huge round of applause to the 50 or so parents who came together to protest at the BIG headquarters - most of which seemed to be from OSU and Iowa. While that obviously wasn't the deciding factor, it garnered national attention and I think we all could agree that it played a small part in the...
  15. chodehawk

    Send UHauls to Help Starving Americans In Chicago

    Ethical. Exemplary. Honorable.
  16. chodehawk

    California moves toward reparations....

    Wow, you must really hate your own life. Kinda feel sorry for you to be quite honest.
  17. chodehawk

    California moves toward reparations....

    Don't believe anyone in this thread said anything even remotely close to being racist. We are seriously at the point where we can't even have a general discussion about it without being referred to as racist? The thread is about providing reparations for crying out loud.
  18. chodehawk

    Portland Mayor Tells Drumpf to F**Off

    These mayors are an absolute disgrace to their communities and should be fired.
  19. chodehawk

    Maybe Dumbest Thing Announcer Has Ever Said

    "That's kinda gay." - Iowa vs Northern IL, 2006