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    Welp...I was completely wrong(Bohannon)

    What has unhappiness stemmed from? His last year he was knocking on a sweet 16. This year, Iowa likely a sweet 16 team and potential to go deeper. Team chemistry seems great. He gets his minutes and shots. Honestly curious what was making him "unhappy"?
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    Petras vs. Stanley - 1st Year

    Do we think Petras can best Stanley's first year numbers? (assuming a full schedule) Petras inheriting compared to Stanley: WR - better RB - wash Line - better? TE - not two 1st rounders in the room, but still good Stanley 1st year numbers: PCT: 55.8 Yds: 2432 TD: 26 INT: 6 QBR: 135 Wins...
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    Keeping the Streak Alive

    So he will be likely big enough for 1st rounder material. I think we all agree he has the potential for 1st round skill, technique and ATTITUDE. Him driving Gophers into the ground will never get old.
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    Keeping the Streak Alive

    Does Linderbaum have the size for a NFL center? Or maybe the better way to ask, the size for a 1st round NFL center?
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    3* TE James Carnie (Decommits from Miami-OH on Sep 12), 4* RB Audric Estime, 3* RB Jaylin White --2021 Out of State Offers

    The FutureCast prediction on all of their Rivals pages say 100% Iowa. Though, 60% of the time it works every time.
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    Ahron Ulis Article

    Number 140 in the top 150. Fran once again with the eye for talent. Funny, I talked to some Depaul fans early this season right before the Iowa game, and they were pretty low on Ulis. They didn't think he had the jump shot for elite level. He is disproving that theory, great get for the Hawks!
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    Who are the other two........

    It sounds like Cody Ince would be in the mix at guard as well.
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    Garza nba comp

    I think that is the ultimate question with Luka for his NBA prospects: Defense. He doesn't play above the rim, to be a rim protector. Also, he doesn't have the quickness to guard out to the 3 pt. line on rotations like you said. Offensively, I think his shooting ability would get him on an NBA...
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    Next years receiver room

    I'm really pulling for Hutson. He traveled with the team all year, has great size and a compelling story. Easy kid to root for.
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    Basketball in Philly

    We are winning this game, no doubt. Good juju. McCaffery's have a lot of motivation for this one.
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    MBB Top 25 Polls & NET Rankings (12/30)

    I was surprised to see Depaul not in the top 25 OR in the NET top 25. They have a bunch of signature wins and only one loss. Nice to see our loss to San Diego State is getting some mileage still.
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    Luke Recker says to tone it down a bit

    This isn't Luke Recker from what I can tell. Some kid who changed his handle to "Luke Recker". Everyone take a deep breath.
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    Annual Carver sucks thread—2019-2020 edition

    It's not the student section that is the problem. The student section isn't what makes Kinnick magic, though they certainly participate better. It's the layout of the stadium, fan proximity to the field. Carver was built for wrestling, so they can fit two matches on the floor at once. You can't...
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    Report from CHA.

    Sat right behind the bench: - Nunge is just massive. I think he will help our offense flow better this year. He is a natural pick and pop post post player. That will help Garza get 1:1 looks, which are almost automatic for him. - Patrick is skin and bones, but his skill set more than makes up...
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    Balancing classes for 2017/2018

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    New Story **Henry Marchese commits to Iowa**

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    Kirk Ferentz Post Game Q&A

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    * * * OFFICIAL * * * Florida vs Iowa Outback Bowl Game Thread

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    Garza has big game

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