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    **MLS is Back/ season restart**

    Somehow, Atlanta United is clinging desperately to a 1-0 lead over Dallas. This is the best the Five Stripes have looked in months. There's hope? :D
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    Who was your second-favorite NFL team when you were growing up?

    Always a Falcant's fan because...Atlanta. But as a lad, the Baltimore Colts with Johnny Unitas were right there. Got to see them as a kid at Memorial Stadium with my dad against the Pack. Awful loud for my tender years. Used to like the Squealers as well, until I started meeting some of their...
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    Is the USA a great country?

    English dude across the street from me is an engineer for Siemens; he travels to Europe and back weekly, and says he'll never live anywhere but here in the good ol' USA. Says Europe is getting worse every week he goes over there.
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    Is the USA a great country?

    Needed to vote for Great, but starting to fade.
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    ****Official Trubisky gonna steamroll the NFL Bears vs Giants edition****

    After the way they just butchered the onside kick, if the Falcan'ts blow this 20 point lead over the Cowboys, there had better be some firings of the coaching staff. This is incomprehensible, even by Atlanta.
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    Worst sports commentators?

    This list is bunk without Brent Mushberger on it.
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    College football today

    Florida, AINEC. Miami is close, by I'll lose to Miami every year if it means we beat Florida. If I were President, I'd make Gainesville, FL a nuclear testing site, and we'd only test on their Homecoming weekend so we could get all the old fart alumni. I absolutely despise it, and everything...
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    I have the solution for RBG’s replacement that should satisfy everyone...

    I think he should nominate Goldmom. She'd have all the support of this board as well as Warchant! 😁
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    Perfect trump comment

    Truth. Spending 4 years trying to oust a duly elected President instead of working to help the American people.
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    Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6M Jews killed in the Holocaust

    Not much, frankly. I'm currently taking a class my system is offering on how to work Civics into lesson plans for middle school Social Studies. It's a baby step, but the county obviously wants to see more of this.
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    Anybody Get A Flu Shot Yet?

    Publix pharmacy last night had a line for them.
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    GOPe and "Conservative" inc

    DId this thing with Gingrich happen today? Wondering why I haven't heard about. This is more appalling than anything the left puts out there. I find this very disappointing. Guess I'll get my news from online sources from this point. ALL the mainstream media are in bed together.
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    COVID-19 Cases Growing in 11 States....

    600, 000 deaths. Wow. And we'll never know how many of them were actually due to COVID.
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    BLM Takes over a Trader Joe’s for some dumb reason or other...

    I think they want to rename their favorite wine "Zero Buck Joe".