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  1. Gonolz

    One question??

  2. Gonolz

    One question??

    They are protesting because you suck at posting.
  3. Gonolz

    insect id needed

    I wanna party with you.
  4. Gonolz

    3rd party option

    She absolutely was/is a vile POS. I do agree that she would not have been a complete disaster like Trump because she allows "politics" and advisors to somewhat restrain her, unlike Trump.
  5. Gonolz

    3rd party option

    You do realize that Hillary was the last nomination, right?
  6. Gonolz

    3rd party option

    Gary Johnson was a clear best candidate for the job in 2016, so I voted for him as the Republicans and Democrats put up terrible options. The Republicans and Democrats have again put up terrible options. I'm sitting this one out because, in addition to the "throwing away your vote" thing, I...
  7. Gonolz

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    I'm gonna have to plead ignorance on this one. Who are The Doors?
  8. Gonolz

    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    Picked up an extended magazine so that now I have a 10 round capacity.
  9. Gonolz

    Rep Matt Gaetz calls for investigation of Michael Bloomberg "vote buying"

    Matt Gaetz needs to put his gas mask back on and STFU.
  10. Gonolz

    After Roe v Wade is overturned, then what?

    I think we should abort this two party system.
  11. Gonolz

    Has our nation hit rock bottom yet?

  12. Gonolz

    Joe Biden says 200million dead already

    He clearly has a diminished capacity, as does Trump. At least Biden has handlers, who will keep him from going completely off the rails. Unfortunately, Trump won't listen to anyone when they try to reel him in from his delusional world. He just attacks and fires anyone willing to try to coax...
  13. Gonolz

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    So, you actually had a choice? I'm hearing that most employers are saying no participation and those who do participate make it mandatory. I have not yet heard of an employer who lets independent decisions to participate. It all seems like a huge accounting nightmare for employers who do...
  14. Gonolz

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    Think about this though, what if Congress forgives the debt for those who participated? Employees of those who participated would get to keep that free money, and those who didn't missed out. Or do you think if Congress forgives it, they would also write checks to non-participants?
  15. Gonolz

    Payroll Tax Deferral

    A friend told me that his latest paycheck did not withhold payroll tax. Has anyone else seen this "benefit" yet? It is going to be a total shitshow when people learn they have to pay it back ... after the election.
  16. Gonolz

    Flu shot

  17. Gonolz

    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    Wait. This is nothing like the Merrick Garland situation. There were only 8 months until the election then. Clearly you can't consider a Supreme Court justice within 8 months of an election ... unless you control the Presidency and the Senate. Politics is fun ... almost no one in D.C. gives...
  18. Gonolz

    Karen mad that CVS employee called police on two black shoplifters.

    That's what I like about shoplifting, prices go higher, my price stays the same.