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  1. lucas80

    Well this is awkward...

    Dear God, don't get Trump started about millions of ballots being turned in with dog names on them.
  2. lucas80

    Israel’s Netanyahu brings his dirty laundry to Washington. Literally.

    I thought Trump was making all those freeloader governments pay their bills?
  3. lucas80

    Send in those votes by mail

    How soon until we get proof of the ballots marked Trump that were found in the trash in some unnamed state that Trump was talking about on Fox this morning? 2-3 weeks, or soon? Very soon?
  4. lucas80

    Well this is awkward...

    For four years we've had Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog as president. Weird that so many of you are indignant now about public behavior. It was hard to tell because she was wearing a mask, but Melanja did not look very happy to be there. The subjects are not supposed to boo the queen. It looked...
  5. lucas80

    Well this is awkward...

    I just read a passage in Woodward's book Rage which quotes Jim Mattis saying that at some point you become complicit. He chose to resign rather than being complicit.
  6. lucas80

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    It's refreshing to see such naivety still exists in the world. ;)
  7. lucas80

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    Why would any judge that Trump nominates have the ethics to recuse themselves? It's probably a central point of his interview process. "I'd like to nominate you for this position, I really would, but, first, I'm going to need you to do me a favor".
  8. lucas80

    Forde's latest on Iowa's elimination of 4 sports

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  9. lucas80

    Mary Trump sues Donald Trump and his siblings

    I didn't know if this would happen or not, but ever since rumors of her role in the NYTimes article where some details of Trump's taxes were revealed, it has been discussed that Mary and her brother Fred III were denied their proper inheritance. Despite the vocal protests, and legal efforts to...
  10. lucas80


    One of the few times that Trump has ever promoted clothing items made in the USA. If he'd worn his glasses he'd have been the picture of beta weakness.
  11. lucas80

    Well this is awkward...

    His entire presidency has been an open festering wound of grievances and resentments. He got what he's been dishing out and he and his little supporters will cry their eyes red because some women booed him. LOL.
  12. lucas80

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    Chuck went to DC in 1975. I'm not sure exactly when, but at some point he stopped caring about anything other than clinging to the office.
  13. lucas80

    Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies -Patriots Coalition members suggested political assassinations

    No, I've been told it's the Antifa that is the problem. By the way, it's been three months since Trump and Barr said they were taking care of the Antifa. How is that coming along? Shouldn't all of the Antifa have been locked up by now, and all the cities safe?
  14. lucas80

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    So, going OiT?
  15. lucas80

    Kirk Douglas' best movies

    I went on a bit bender of Douglas movies on Netflix and watched the Detectives Story and Seven Days in May. Boy, Seven Days In May seems awfully relevant these days.
  16. lucas80

    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    I remember when Righties on HROT cheered that Harkin was retiring, and I mentioned that maybe the older guy should consider hanging it up, too? I voted for Chuck twice, of course that was quite a few years ago. He used to have some common sense, and you had the impression that he wanted to make...
  17. lucas80

    Trump nails it!!!

    That was viewed as a merger and acquisition, not a marriage. If it helps you feel better, multiple sources close to the Kushner family indicate that Charles and Seryl were even less enthused about Jared marrying a woman who had to be converted than Donald was about Ivanka marrying a Jewish man.
  18. lucas80

    California Gov. signs order banning sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035

    America could be a leader in a lot of industries. Being wedded to the past holds us back. Dems fought fuel standards for too long, and the Japanese took care of it for us.
  19. lucas80

    The cancel culture takes another victim, this time in Chicago.

    No more Boystown in Chicago. The venerable neighborhood will now be called Northalstead.
  20. lucas80

    Trumps Potential SCOTUS nominee belongs to a Cult

    She will set a record for non answer answers at her confirmation hearing. If there is one. Mitch and Lindsey may say a hearing isn't needed, move the nomination from committee, and schedule a vote.