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    Sep 23 Practice Photos

    LOL! I doubt that was even much of an effort for him. He's 6'9" with long arms.....
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    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Frankly there is very little going on right now in college athletics, that has ANYTHING to do with the NCAA's mission statement as you put it. Hasn't been for quite awhile. BUT, how do you plan on fixing the issue? The Fact is that college football pays for these other programs to exist, period...
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    Xavier Nwankpa...Mid Season Highlights

    Hear that young man? Thats The University of Iowa, not ISwho........
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    Monday Practice Photos

    Or EAT everything in one...... :eek:
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    Monday Practice Photos

    I was surprised how filled out he was last year. He certainly has put in the work.....
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    Abilene Christian

    I think he hoped to get some PT and a hoped to see a little more of the MRS. with his wife going to school at Baylor......
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    Luke Wieskamp & Jack McCaffery, both 8th graders

    Jees.... this thread went sideways in a hurry..... :( I thought we were talking about 2 young 8th graders who have brothers on the team, maybe being future Hawks. No?
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    VOTE: Which team wins the B1G West?

    This. Until we start winning the close games with Bucky its their crown. We need to take it from them. Until we do its a badgers at the top of any conversation...
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    High praise for Keagan Johnson + Friday Night Lights Highlights

    Have been some pretty dynamic playmakers wearing that number at IOWA.....:cool:
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    Abilene Christian

    Good for PM. Hope he gets a real shot to play. Is this the same school his wife is at, or is she somewhere close by? had to be a tough deal for them with him in Iowa, and not playing.
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    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    I'm sure the argument is that because of the asthma he was at high risk with covid 19 being a respiratory disease. Opted out of playing in college with no real structure provided as to testing or protection, with the little info the league was putting out. He goes in the draft and has more...
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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    The best question is, how long will Braska fans have to hold on to their baloons? :D
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Its just another thing the coaches look at recruiting as well. People wonder why Iowa seems to lean toward taller QB's like Stanley, Petras, even Ricky S when he was here. It gives us more flexibility with some of the taller OL we've been getting at both guard and tackle. Now if you have a very...
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Probably not much of a problem when your QB is 6'5" like Petras. Now if you have a Drew Tate back there it could cause some visibility issues if he had to throw from the pocket. Throwing from the right side with a 6'5 guard and someone like Plumb at 6'7" or so could be problematic for a smaller QB.
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Why exactly? I guess I missed that.....
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    Does College Football really need 85 scholarship players?

    The issue of course is that if the NFL players get hurt they either pull from the practice squad, OR they can go sign anyone from another practice squad or someone thats not affiliated with a team currently. In college you have what you have. No going out and replacing players on the roster...
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    I think Niemann is primed for a big year. Colbert as well, if you remember played most of last year with a bad shoulder injury, (which we didn't hear about until after the season). He had it repaired after the bowl game, and he should be ready as well.....
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    Any updates on S&C coach

    Yes, I think for now RB is the interim S & C coach, and they'll see how this year goes since they are not filling positions. If things go well he'll probably be the guy, if not.......
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Everyone is projecting J Keorner as a starter, but how is his recovery coming from the accident? Is he full go in practice?
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    Projected Starters Week 1.

    Well MAYBE, but we probably need to see what Petras has when the bullets are flying, don't you think? I mean we all have high hopes but no one knows what he'll do in a BIG game against a top ten level defense. I think we'll be fine on defense, and place kicker. Punter will most like not be...