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  1. h-hawk

    Hoops practice photos

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  2. h-hawk

    I'm a Democrat and have been getting emails from Trump and his campaign

    Is there a way to cost the Trump campaign money - like sending them a brick postage due:)
  3. h-hawk

    Favorite (Non Political) Machine

    Audio Research LS3. Looks like this. Built in 90s, bought in early 2000s and used daily for hours and hours. Had to replace fuse once. This is my everyday preamp. It is solid state so no worries on replacing tubes. (Music only preamp does have tubes:)
  4. h-hawk

    Religious right doing it’s thing

    100 year pandemic, record fires, hurricanes...I think God has already shown us what it thinks of Trump.
  5. h-hawk

    Most successful transistion from film to music, and vice versa?

    Went to Hollywood because she and her partner won a dance contest! Dean Martin - good actor known for comedic roles but could even do dramatic stuff like Rio Bravo and The Young Lions.
  6. h-hawk

    What Will You Do If Trump "Wins"?

    People who think this is just another election are wrong. There has never been an authoritarian charlatan in the White House willing to destroy America just for the glory and power. He is amoral. "We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship...
  7. h-hawk

    One question??

    Psssst....cops shouldn't be able to get away with murder...pass it on.
  8. h-hawk

    Arland Bruce Eligibility Update

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  9. h-hawk

    The Doors were one of the very best rock bands of all time

    They weren't even a real band - they didn't have a bass player:)
  10. h-hawk

    Des Moines public schools football players starting their own league?

    I blame the Governor more than the schools - they could still be playing AND getting an education even if the class room time was less than that of what the seemingly random criteria requires.
  11. h-hawk

    Preparing for a humiliating loss.....

    Trump's advantage is that he looks more alive than Biden and lies so quickly many will believe what he says. Unless Trump loses his composure which he hasn't done as far as I can recall, Biden will look weaker compared to him. And I am rooting for Biden.
  12. h-hawk

    3rd party option

    What, Exactly, Is Tulsi Gabbard Up To? As she injects chaos into the 2020 Democratic primary by accusing her own party of “rigging” the election, an array of alt-right internet stars, white nationalists and Russians have praised her. NY Times
  13. h-hawk

    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    If Trump actually does this people will die. I don't believe Dems will allow the traitor to re-elect himself without there being bloodshed.
  14. h-hawk

    Burisma Report

    I'm sure glad Trump's sons, daughters and in-laws haven't benefited from him being President!
  15. h-hawk

    Is Trump gonna Troll Dems with his SCOTUS Pick?

    The apparent leader has ties to anti-gay organizations. Probably not trolling on purpose but being bigoted to get Christian Right votes.
  16. h-hawk

    Every few days, another of the many uninformed liberals here, will post the same old fairy tale about Trump colluding with Putin

    It may be even worse that Trump takes Putin's word over that of our intelligence services.
  17. h-hawk

    Gale Sayers -----

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  18. h-hawk

    Georgia Black Man drops some Truth Bombs on Joe Biden

    I'll give Trump credit for not screwing it up.
  19. h-hawk

    America's Fifth Great Awakening

  20. h-hawk

    Military has 1 death out of 1.3 million active service members due to covid

    Over 1,000 US healthcare workers have died of Covid. Guess that is not important.