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  1. Kinnick.At.Night

    Nebraska the pity me program

    Their response is depressing. Their 1995 team would have felt sorry too. For the high level programs they were preparing to crush. Nebby is never going to have that swag again.
  2. Kinnick.At.Night

    RIP in Peace Road Warrior Animal

    Ewwwwwwwwwhat a rush!!
  3. Kinnick.At.Night

    RIP Gale Sayers

    I’m glad he wasn’t. Such a special talent would have been horribly wasted on those awful teams.
  4. Kinnick.At.Night

    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    Is Vegas going to have a line on the war? What’s the early spread?
  5. Kinnick.At.Night

    Bathroom Brawl in the Stall

    A much needed Monday morning laugh. Thanks!
  6. Kinnick.At.Night

    If you were abducted by aliens and probed in front of your family and friends

    OP seems to have a cloudy memory of that night he got a little too drunk in the parking lot of the Shack Tavern. Those weren’t aliens, friend.
  7. Kinnick.At.Night

    Do You Use A Tire Gauge When Airing Tires?

    Yes. That would be a yes. Therefore, I know how much pressure is in my tires. 🤣
  8. Kinnick.At.Night

    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    I've honestly never given it a lot of thought. I'm not a religious person whatsoever. So, I think I'm more of a pro-choice lean.
  9. Kinnick.At.Night

    Minneapolis is becoming a microcosm of what crime in our country will become if Joe Biden wins

    I’m thinking the rest of the country will learn from the mess in Minneapolis and realize the importance of police departments. Even in protesting cities.
  10. Kinnick.At.Night

    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    The Supreme Court already has a conservative majority in place. Trump could do a lot to calm unrest in the country by allowing the vote to occur after the election. That at least gives the Democrats a chance to name the appointee. Personally, I’d prefer to see a left-leaning or moderate...
  11. Kinnick.At.Night

    Twisted Sister singer to anti-maskers: Don't use our song!

    Dee is a badass 🤣
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    Jump In The Fire
  13. Kinnick.At.Night

    No fans

    Some of us watch football for the action the field.
  14. Kinnick.At.Night

    Tik Tok ban starting Sunday

    My coworkers are screwed.
  15. Kinnick.At.Night

    USA Today Latest Rankings

    Iowa State comes in at 89. Dead tie with UTEP.
  16. Kinnick.At.Night

    Does College Football really need 85 scholarship players?

    IMO, parity in sports is boring. It's much more exciting to have blue bloods and enjoy the process of trying to improve to match them.
  17. Kinnick.At.Night

    Joe Rogan repeats debunked claim that ‘left-wing people’ are starting Oregon wildfires

    Indeed. Look who he gets on the show though! Some pretty impressive folks.