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  1. SeaPA

    RIP in Peace Road Warrior Animal

    Yeah, his son was very good. Three-time All-American, won the Butkus award & had a pretty good NFL career
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    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    Personally, I have no problem with her; she's never done anything to me, or anything that has had any direct, negative impact on my life. I also don't have any adulation for her, and find it laughable when trump supporters praise her for being classy.
  3. SeaPA

    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    What things about her do you find to be classy?
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    Study shows executed inmates lungs filled with fluid before they died.

    When I was younger, I was a in favor of the death penalty; as I've aged, I have changed my opinion and am now opposed to it. However, it has zero to do with the issue of the convicted suffering a painful or uncomfortable death. My opposition is entirely based on the possibility of an innocent...
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    New Jackson State Football Head Coach names staff

    Holy crap, they could end up absolutely killing it on the recruiting trail. Of course, they could also end up absolutely killing each other in the locker room the minute something goes wrong.
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    Florida Gov De Whiner trying to shit all over 1st Amendment

    I'm somewhat curious about the "No Defund the Police" provision. So now the State Government has decided that it is the appropriate body to determine how a city or county will spend its' tax dollars? Yet another attack on local, home rule, brought to you by the great government of the State...
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    Trump Hate Rally 9-21 Highlights

    Sounds like a rerun from a couple weeks ago
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    "Trump is dividing this country"

    This is absolutely nuts! Wtf did Bezos do?
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    Payroll Tax Deferral

    I do not know of a single client of our firm who elected to offer it to their employees.
  11. SeaPA

    Norvell Tests Positive for Covid-19

    Well FML. Of course he did. Was there a Nole anywhere that didn’t figure our head coach would be the first to get it. The last few years, being an FSU fan has been like being on this damn game show:
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    Is there some setting....

    There must be, because I've never seen a second screen that asked me to confirm that I like a post. But I have no clue how to tell you to get to that setting.
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    Trump says his terrific health-care plan is finally here. That would be news to his health advisers.

    They simply need to pull out the Affordable Care Act, change it to current dates, and tell him it is TRUMPCARE!!! He will sign it in a heartbeat.
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    The Florida Dem Party is really beginning to stink

    Beginning to stink? Good lord, they have been inept for years. The most unorganized organization I have ever seen.
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    Optical Illusion. Mind Blown. Ames now cool.

    I sure picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
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    Are re-education camps too far off?

    I agree. My question is more along the lines of wondering the source of your info as to what is being taught in public schools.
  17. SeaPA

    Are re-education camps too far off?

    I'm curious, what connection to US public education do you have? Do you work in it, or have children who attend?
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    Attorney general says coronavirus lockdown orders second only to slavery as government intrusion on liberty

    I'll ask you the same question I asked titanhawk - do you agree with barr's statement? Do you think the things done to fight covid have been more of a violation of civil liberties than locking Japanese-Americans in internment camps during WW2?