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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    Is Jabroni trying to tell us that you need to beat good teams? I can see why they forgot what that was like.
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    RIP Gale Sayers

    And it got them one winning season and zero playoff games
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    Burisma Report

    Trump does bad things so this justifies it? Got it. So I can do anything I want as long as someone does something equal to or worse? Good standard. Try to stay on subject next time.
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    Burisma Report

    Did Hunter have any of this world wide experience prior to 2008?
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    Are we looking at Coe or Iowa? Or are we thinking that Iowa should go D 3?
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    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Better than the alternatives. Have watched some pretty good hitting teams finish last
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    Florida Gov De Whiner trying to shit all over 1st Amendment

    I do some of my best ‘business’ on Saturday. I consider it a ‘business’ day, if you know what I mean;)
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    Nebraska fans somehow got more annoying

    “I don’t want to come across as the champion complainer,” Moos said. Wth would he sound like if he wanted to?
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    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Didn’t he get married? Just sayin....
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    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Perhaps skinnier cats who aren't in first place would be preferable?
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    SouthEast Polk wrestling

    How is his recruiting?
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    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Mark Prior 2.0?
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    My SIL sent out an email

    Was it truly a friendship if a political opinion can end it? I may go with acquaintances or people I know.
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    Minneapolis City Council

    Can you put a % on how many of their interactions are handled poorly. Then follow that up with how many times it was handled poorly when the suspect complied with reasonable requests?
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    Minneapolis City Council members pressed Chief Medaria Arradondo for a plan to address crime in their wards.

    Tell me more about these violence interrupters, what is their role? How does it work? Have other areas done this?
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    Minneapolis City Council

    Sharing a link is a friend as well if you are attempting to further your narrative.
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    Minneapolis North Principal Speaks Out

    Unfortunately in the case of Minneapolis it has become a pretty left/right thing. There isn’t an absolute issue that has gotten them there but it is the mindset and leadership of a certain group of people that have created and grown their mess. The platform needs to change.
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    Sleepy Joe and the Hoe

    Or they are using the telling the truth aspect of Christianity?
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    Arland Bruce has arrived & is practicing w/ Brody Brecht at Ankeny. As of now, INELIGIBLE to Play.

    Wow, what a piece of work the boy$ in Boone are. In a recent stretch I watched two all state kids get an 'apartment' in a small town, their parents stayed in their house in a neighboring town, siblings stayed in the original schools and no eligibility issues arose out of that.