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  1. jamesvanderwulf

    What the heck happened in Grinnell?

    Williams’ ex-wife, Sharta Williams, of Kearney, Neb., remembered him as personable and loving, and said he could strike up a conversation with anyone... Sharta :):)
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    Lots of great movie stars started careers on Gunsmoke. Burt Reynolds comes to mind for our Nole refugees ..
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    With less than a week until first debate, anyone still undecided?

    Us independents always wait till the last minutes...
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    Black Velvet is the Busch Light of Iowa drinking. Crown Royal comes in the velvet bags that a creative guy like you could turn into some kind of sex toy... :)
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    Creepy Photos

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    All sports noise

    When the Cardinals played at Wrigley Field this year, the second game of several double headers, the Cardinals were the " home team " due to the make up games, yet the Cubs continually piped in " noise " at points in the game that would have never happened in StL. All those games should have...
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    Creepy Photos

    Did you have insurance or did the taxpayers have to cover your dumbazz...
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    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    I thought the D's were against " big money ". Oh the hypocrisy drips from both parties...Vote third party...
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    Travel Observations. From southern Indiana and southern Ohio

    According to Google maps the Chicago to Gettysburg via S Indiana /S. Ohio route vs. Cleveland/Pittsburg turned a 10.5 hour drive into a 17 hour you missed the RR Hall of Fame and Chief Wahoo in Cleveland...
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    Amy Comey Barrett

    Joe Biden is Catholic...:)
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    Boomer politicians

    And yet are still athletic enough for soccer...:)
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    Boomer politicians

    Only Schumer is a boomer, the rest are too old... :oops:
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    Republicans go on record: Should RGBs seat be left open for the next president?

    She's been sick for a decade. She could and should have retired when Obama was still president and he would have locked in a younger activist judge for years to come. She was so sure Hil-liar-y was going to be the next president ( and she said so in an interview ) she hung on to the end. Now...
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    Comeon Iowa!

    According to @Chishawk1425 that's because " the state's finest are leaving in droves. "
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    Amy Comey Barrett

    Something about her reminds me of Hanoi Jane Fonda...
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    Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World’s Wildlife in 50 Years

    Wood is a renewable resource you know...
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    Is this Heaven?

    For once in my adult life I agree with the runner up WPOTY...unless this is sarcasm then GFY. If you like the smell of dead fish the you'll love the beaches...
  19. jamesvanderwulf

    Two Tulsa police officers shot during traffic stop

    Dogs are ineffective IMO, see the Cedar Rapids video that guy a perp paralyzed and a cop fired. Should have fired the worthless dog as well...