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    Interesting take on BLM and pro sports by Jason Whitlock

    Marcellus Wiley still has the best take so far on the the whole situation.
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    Breonna Taylor

    Funny you should reference that considering just about everyone of your posts would do the same.
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    Forde's latest on Iowa's elimination of 4 sports

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    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    Do you blame your lack of personal and professional success on the color of people's skin as well?
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    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    He's a troll, and he's a pain in the ass on message boards.
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    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Alligators?

    Castle doctrine should apply.
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    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    He doesn't want to be the President for all. People like you and anyone that marches in the streets over the bs we've seen, especially those destroying property and interrupting productive society, don't deserve this country. Pretty simple. He's the American President, and if you don't like...
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    One question??

    Because they have not been met with the appropriate amount of force, and they have people actually supporting their insurrection.
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    Breonna Taylor

    I'm sure someone, somewhere is dumb enough to buy this crap. Don't drop it here.
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    Breonna Taylor

    Cops are there to protect and serve. They served a legal warrant at a know drug dealer's place of residence, were attacked after knocking and identifying themselves., and rightfully defended themselves. All else is liberal hysteria.
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    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    Yes, the cop walks behind as they want the trash to back up. He strengthens his stance and doesn't follow the demand, and he gets moved. Are you blind?
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    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    The thought of someone like you having access to a gun is laughable. No one ever thought you'd be capable of that responsibility.
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    What age did you let your kids drink coffee?

    Teacher is dumb and so is any administrator that ok'd it. Did she recently propose a racially-based assignment on the black panther as well?
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    GOP making inroads amongst younger black voters?

    Boy it would be nice if this generation started to think for themselves and not be forced into the group-think of the past.
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    I am pro life which is why I'm NOT voting for Trump

    I just threw a plastic ring Gatorade six-pack holder in the river for you. You are welcome.
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    Murkowski Appears More Open To Confirming Nominee

    Good news for the rule of law and the future of our courts.
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    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    Let's be honest. If you aren't appalled by what's happening currently and even more likely to expand later tonight in Louisville, you are a pathetic human being.
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    Burisma Report

    Very true. Do you like the death and destruction that has happened as the result of protests in Kenosha, Portland, Minneapolis, NYC, Chicago, etc. etc.? If you do, vote for Biden. If you prefer a time where the country was more civil and focused on who you are not what you are, vote for...
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    With less than a week until first debate, anyone still undecided?

    I'm still undecided.
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    Melania Trump is just another hypocrite

    We're talking around the affair time or before?