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  1. mnole03

    UHaul Truck Handing Out Riot Shields And Supplies In Louisville

    Soros doesn’t even have his own trucks or a contract with Fluid? What kind of organization is this?
  2. mnole03

    Suspect in custody. Both officers alive. One on surgery still.

    So generally good news so far. I wish both officers nothing but the best.
  3. mnole03

    One question??

    Common misconception. While there is a Sodor Search & Rescue Center, none of the engines assigned there (Belle, Harvey, Flynn) are actually search engines. They are, in fact, rescue engines. The searching is handled by Harold the Helicopter and Captain the boat. Emily sometimes acts as a safety...
  4. mnole03

    Do you support Black Lives Matter?

    I agree with the idea but not the formal organization. I believe this is how most people feel.
  5. mnole03

    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Biden has taken tons of corporate money. That’s who’s in Biden’s ear. Obama wasn’t a socialist and neither is Biden. For all the socialist talk, Washington State and California have the most successful corporations in this country.
  6. mnole03

    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Has Biden said he wants to abolish the police? Who said anything about open borders? AOC is a single congresswoman. Biden hasn’t adopted her politics. Higher taxes come with higher spending, running endless deficits isn’t conservative.
  7. mnole03

    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Do you believe the Police’s job is retribution? Because that is actually something the President said.
  8. mnole03

    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    The leader of your party and his chief law enforcement officer.
  9. mnole03

    Democrats To Attack Religious Beliefs Of SCOTUS Nominee?

    Why is it so important to nominate someone with such strong religious beliefs? She’s certainly not the most qualified candidate. She’s only been a Circuit judge for two years. Trump’s previous nominees both had 10+ years of experience.
  10. mnole03

    Democrats To Attack Religious Beliefs Of SCOTUS Nominee?

    OP only likes Amy Coney Barrett because of her religiosity. Will complain if other people bring it up.
  11. mnole03

    Best Queen band Songs?

    Princes of the Universe
  12. mnole03

    Trump nails it!!!

    Because he watches Fox News and talks on the phone all day? I’d be more suspicious if someone told us Trump said something at a library, on an elliptical, or while eating a salad.
  13. mnole03

    Trump nails it!!!

    They’re an ethnoreligious group.
  14. mnole03

    Trump nails it!!!

  15. mnole03

    Breonna Taylor

    And no one should condone that. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  16. mnole03

    Eric Trump ordered by New York state judge to answer questions under oath before election

    Too big a number. They’ve got him dead-to-rights.
  17. mnole03

    Georgia Black Man drops some Truth Bombs on Joe Biden

    An accused rapist with a bid-rigging scandal supports Donald Trump? Tell me more.
  18. mnole03

    Every few days, another of the many uninformed liberals here, will post the same old fairy tale about Trump colluding with Putin

    It’s interesting that he treats two countries differently than he treats everyone else. Weird, right?
  19. mnole03

    Could Dems just refuse to fund the courts?

    Article III judges salaries are mandatory expenditures.
  20. mnole03

    Burisma Report

    This changes everything.