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  1. Obviously Oblivious

    Trumps Potential SCOTUS nominee belongs to a Cult

    I don't believe she can leave her religious beliefs at the door when she enters the judiciary, I suspect it will taint all of her opinions. Because of that Lagoa would be the better choice.
  2. Obviously Oblivious

    First 2020 College Football All Name Team

    We were making fun of Assalley last season. Some of these parents should be arrested for the names they chose. Seriously.
  3. Obviously Oblivious

    Wisconsin lol

    I love Culver's too, but come on man!
  4. Obviously Oblivious

    UHaul Truck Handing Out Riot Shields And Supplies In Louisville

    ITT I found conservative posters who are terrified of cloth signs with words on them and a few garbage can lids. Better arm yourselves snowflakes! SMGDH.
  5. Obviously Oblivious

    Well this is awkward...

    Surely you can't be serious. Galatians 6:7
  6. Obviously Oblivious

    Get Your Booty To the Polls

    Paging @Herkmeister, this is something that will interest you I think.
  7. Obviously Oblivious

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    IDGAF about any of this. There's way too many stupid people in the world, maybe we should let them take each other out. A less crowded world would be nice.
  8. Obviously Oblivious

    Oktoberfest seems a lot like RAGBRAI of old...

    Ahhh, the Hofbrau Haus. Been there, done that. My version of the Magic Kingdom.
  9. Obviously Oblivious

    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    Again, what a strange worldview you operate in where your version of common sense leads you to arm yourself in public. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but I don’t walk around fearful of others I encounter. I’d understand if it’s a duty to do so or you’re a victim of violence.
  10. Obviously Oblivious

    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    I fail to see the humor in your decisions made out of fear. What would spur one to make the decision to carry a firearm? Are you a victim of violence, a LE officer or do you live in a war zone? That would at least help me understand why you choose to carry.
  11. Obviously Oblivious

    Gun carriers..what differences have you made in 2020?

    Gun lovers are mentally anguished people. Please seek help for your sakes and ours. What a strange worldview you operate in. Sad.
  12. Obviously Oblivious

    Every few days, another of the many uninformed liberals here, will post the same old fairy tale about Trump colluding with Putin

    Have you read the Republican controlled Senate’s report on the matter? If you have then you’re either illiterate or intentionally obtuse.
  13. Obviously Oblivious

    Video of Salt Lake police shooting autistic 13-year-old

    That’s some damn fine police work right there boys. FFS.
  14. Obviously Oblivious

    Breonna Taylor

    If only a drug dealer had been present at the location, that certainly would have helped. Why exactly do so many of these problematic scenarios have the same common denominator, no police camera footage, obvious coverups and zero accountability.
  15. Obviously Oblivious

    Eric Trump ordered by New York state judge to answer questions under oath before election

    I guess we’ll see how it all shakes out. I’ve got a feeling a lot of the Trump crime family will have some legal dilemmas to sort through. Even Stroke-ahontas.
  16. Obviously Oblivious

    Here's the GOP strategy to steal the Election

    Black folks, even DJT former loyalists, now say otherwise.
  17. Obviously Oblivious

    Race to 270 . . . 6/3/2020 . . .

    I know were still 40+ days out, but I'm becoming more convinced that AZ & PA will fall to Biden. Meaning so long assholio!
  18. Obviously Oblivious

    Who ya gonna believe, repubs then or now?

    IMO Kavanaugh didn't need any assistance degrading himself, he did an admirable job of that on his own.