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    Best Queen band Songs?

    When I got my first set of speakers in college, this was what I played first
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    New poll finds voters under 30 are motivated — and the economy looms larger than ever for them

    Hope they are educated enough on civics to know that it's their Governors who did it
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    University tells white students

    Why don't those that feel oppressed identify the specific wrong doers so that current laws might be enforced?
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    Trump's октябрь Surprise...Hillary Clinton? Barr's Russia investigator has put some focus on Clinton Foundation:

    So there investigating the past investigation. That would mean looking at things in the past. Weird how the obvious things surprise some people
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    How many innocent people are we ok with the police shooting?

    On purpose? Don't you need to be clear on this?
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    Dr Fauci > Douche Bag Rand Paul

    And chlorine does what to viruses? Makes them multiply?
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    The return of American fascism

    ""fascist goals": the creation of a nationalist dictatorship to regulate economic structure and to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture" And you seriously can't make the connection to what the left has been doing the past two decades?
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    Trumps Potential SCOTUS nominee belongs to a Cult

    "A Roman Catholic, she is a life-long adherent of the People of Praise, a charismatic Christian group " These are like polar opposites for anybody who cares about truth
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    Trump openly told us exactly what he intends to do

    said the same damn thing in 2016. Keep chasing your tails
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    Johnson County switches its namesake from slave owner to Black scholar

    How can you change why/how it got its name?
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    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Body slamming is not an option?
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    What Will You Do If Trump "Wins"?

    How is the election going to be stolen?
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    Dorman: Grassley, Ernst pour gasoline on our national inferno

    What's the requirement for the committee to hold hearings? Nothing
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    Grassley says position on Supreme Court is not 'hypocritical'

    Who gives a rats read end about "position". Trumps going to make a choice, like Obama did. The Senate will choose to vote or note vote, which is their prerogative. Nothing makes them do it
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    Well this is awkward...

    Yes, the disrespectful left
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    What if Trump refuses to concede?

    Stephen King writes scary stuff too. Gore conceded after he dragged it out. There was no grace there
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    Does this mean tennis, gymnastics and swimming can now be saved?

    So the 40 people who lost their jobs in the department, that wasn't about money either?
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    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    You need some learning on the relationship of tax revenues to government spending - there ain't none. The federal government has never, ever cut one dollar of spending as the result of any tax cut. They are not related. State budgets are different because they cannot print their money.
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    Adam Schiff introduces the Protect Our Democracy Act, attempting to legitimize checks and balances, prevent Presidential abuses, reinforce Elections

    Truly sad you buy that BS. "Restore checks and balances"? Does that mean the bill will force future House of Reps to base impeachment proceedings on actual laws having been broken?