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  1. FormerlyCyberCy

    Religious right doing it’s thing

    If prayer could kill, would any President survive?
  2. FormerlyCyberCy

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Not sure how the protesters think this will help their cause. MLK gave them a great model.
  3. FormerlyCyberCy

    What age did you let your kids drink coffee?

    Coffee is the equivalent of Portobello mushrooms or acorn squash. Takes an adult palette.
  4. FormerlyCyberCy

    Dr Fauci > Douche Bag Rand Paul

    He reads a prepared attack and Fauci debates in real time. Impressive!
  5. FormerlyCyberCy

    Iowa DMR Presidential Poll Gender Gap

    Glass half empty. Women are going to bail us out of this s#it storm.
  6. FormerlyCyberCy

    Confidence in a Covid Vaccine Plummets From May to Sept, confidence in the safety of a vaccine has dropped from 72 to 51%. Maybe we have to stick w bleach or Pepsi. Dr Gottlieb on CNBC just said it likely can’t be available...
  7. FormerlyCyberCy

    Iowa DMR Presidential Poll Gender Gap

    Women support Biden 57 & Trump 37. Biden 36 & Trump 57. Thank God for women voters.
  8. FormerlyCyberCy

    Study shows executed inmates lungs filled with fluid before they died.

    I have no moral dilemma about executing a murderer. Especially, really bad guys like Jeffrey Dahmer (sp). With the percent of wrongly convicted, it needs to be saved for special cases.
  9. FormerlyCyberCy

    POLL: Worst-Handled Crises of This Millennium

    The Great Depression was from the stock market crash of Oct 1929 to WWII in late 1941.
  10. FormerlyCyberCy

    Trump or the Senate - pick one

    If it were someone else’s country, I’d agree w you.
  11. FormerlyCyberCy

    Being real

    But when I do lose, I declare bankruptcy and stiff the little guy.
  12. FormerlyCyberCy

    Lindsey Graham might lose his race

    Go ahead and vote third party. I doubt many left leaning independents fall for that shit again.
  13. FormerlyCyberCy

    Silent majority is pissed

    I have a Facebook millennial female friend (no pics) who bemoaned the death of RBG as the biggest disappointment of 2020. Lots of her friends were chiming in. This could get the young women voters out who are worried about losing the rights their mothers fought for.
  14. FormerlyCyberCy

    Paying someone to install tile

    My thoughts exactly! Most of these DIY video show women doing the job the inspire men to get off their asses.
  15. FormerlyCyberCy

    Paying someone to install tile

    They have a necked down score line that breaks below the grout line when hit by a rubber mallet. Took two guys an hour to knock out the wedges and break off the tabs on 1400 sq ft. My 24” x24” tile took 2-4 wedges per side depending on position and how thick the mortar was underneath.
  16. FormerlyCyberCy

    Flu shot

    Same here. Three horrible cases of flu in 1977, ~1990 and ~1993. Taken the flu shot all but a couple years since and not once have I had the flu.
  17. FormerlyCyberCy

    Chuck Grassley releases a statement

    The missing characters are code.
  18. FormerlyCyberCy

    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    I’ve stated that to pro life men and got a “that’s what abortionist say!” response.
  19. FormerlyCyberCy

    Paying someone to install tile

    Ours was too bad to smooth. The tile guy used a 1/2 x 1/2 square tooth trowel for the cementitious mortar. The whole floor was floated using this leveling system. Perfect job on a rough floor.