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  1. BABiscuit

    I'm a Democrat and have been getting emails from Trump and his campaign

    Same. Likely there is no match. Why isn't that fraud? Somebosy dug into the campaigns contests that include winning lunch with Trump or something like that. There have been a bunch and there is never any record of somebody winning.
  2. BABiscuit

    Used Condoms for Sale!

    You can get that many each week if you are willing to dig through the OP's mom's trash.
  3. BABiscuit

    Breonna Taylor

    No knock warrants in the middle of the night need to go in all but the most serious cases. It just defies logic. A person has a right to own a gun and the person has a right to use deadly force to protect themselves. Cops shouldn't be able to shoot somebody for exercising their rights. We should...
  4. BABiscuit

    Who ya gonna believe, repubs then or now?

    I'm always amazed how people think both sides are equally hypocritical in situations like this because they both flip flopped. The basic argument now from the Dems isn't that you have to let the people decide. The argument is Republicans said in 2016 that you have to let the people decide and we...
  5. BABiscuit

    Preparing for a humiliating loss.....

    Eventually Trump said he would try to put Hillary in jail and brought Bills accusers to a debate. I think he will probably say something similar about Biden being put in jail. I also think Trumps base will think he won no matter what. One of Trumps few skills is lying unashamedly. If Trump did...
  6. BABiscuit

    Burisma Report

    Maybe, but Johnson and his sham investigation didn't find it.
  7. BABiscuit

    Burisma Report

    3.5 million from the former wife of a dead mayor. Russia Hunter Biden and his associate, Archer, had a financial relationship with Russian businesswoman Elena Baturina. Baturina is the former wife of the late Yuri Luzhkov, who wasthe mayor of Moscow and was fired in 2010 by then-Russian...
  8. BABiscuit

    Burisma Report

    I only read the executive summaries, but I dont see much in here. If key findings include Hunter traveled a lot of places and a somebody found it awkward, I'm guessing they didn't find the evidence of massive wrongdoing that they
  9. BABiscuit

    Former DeVos chief of staff does the right thing

    If it's an anonymous source blasting Trump and the admin, its just fake news. If it's former officials going on the record, its just a disgruntled former employee that wants to be relevant. It has to be a currently employed senior aide that is standing next to Trump when he or she makes the...
  10. BABiscuit

    Vetting the Justice

    The majority if the people make up the majority of the country. Regardless of where they live.
  11. BABiscuit

    Vetting the Justice

    Cool. I hope Republicans try to make the argument that the constitution was designed to keep them in power even when they dont represent the majority of the country. That you people are so bad that we deserve to be in power so you can't control the future of the US.
  12. BABiscuit

    Romney Sides With McConnell On SCOTUS

    Something doesn't feel right about Romney thinking the president that he voted to impeach due to his corruption should get to make a lifetime appointment to the SC five weeks before the election. Why would you want a guy that you believe abuses the power of the presidency for personal and...
  13. BABiscuit

    Vetting the Justice

    Don't attack the nominee unless she deserves it. They need to spend their time hammering everything that a conservative court could roll back. Health care, gay rights, voting rights, abortion, etc. They need to hammer that the right views themselves as the majority even though they are not...
  14. BABiscuit

    Republicans- does it bother you that your party lied to you about the SCOTUS pick in 2016?

    But they didn't tell you they were doing nothing because they can. They told you they were doing nothing because it was so important to give the people a say. They lied to you. Right to your face.
  15. BABiscuit

    How would you setup the SCOTUS?

    This process is f'd up and needs to be redone. How would you fix it? Lifetime appointments got to go. Makes it way too political. I saw this on Twitter but really like it. 9 justices with staggered 18 year terms. Each president would get to pick two justices each 4 year term. Senate must...
  16. BABiscuit

    Would you support packing the courts?

    I think they should lie and say they have no intention of doing it and then jam everything through once in power. Because thats how politics work.
  17. BABiscuit

    Trump supporters - what does it mean to be the Law and Order president?

    No shit. It took a few minutes to trim the list of questions to 16. At least one supporter could attempt to engage.
  18. BABiscuit

    Republicans- does it bother you that your party lied to you about the SCOTUS pick in 2016?

    Would not holding a hearing on a single judge for 8 years be considered an abuse of power?
  19. BABiscuit

    "You can use my words against me"

    Poor Kavanaugh. People thought they should hear from his accuser and that potential sexual assault allegations in which he has never been held accountable may be relevant to a lifetime appointment.
  20. BABiscuit

    Republicans- does it bother you that your party lied to you about the SCOTUS pick in 2016?

    So if the Dems take control, you'd have no problem with them expanding the court or adding states? What about granting citizenship to every illegal alien? If they were to take control of the Senate but not the presidency, would you have a problem with them not confirming another judge for the...